wedding countdown
Yup, counting the days since I'm no longer crazy.

of.numero dos.update#4.&.me.

37 weeks & 5 days to date.

Nope, no baby yet and honestly, I'm hoping for him to stay in the safety of moi womb until Myra recovers from her bout of HFMD - which she got

Yea, it was measles few weeks back and now it's the dreaded HFMD - which worsen the little one's level of clinginess - no thanks to the rashes and mouth ulcers. T_T

Talks about cobaan eh?

Besides the fact that I still have to painfully drive (and waddles) to work and the endless night trips to the loo, we're doing fine. I can still work on the house chores (minus the laundry folding obviously) and the cooking.

The next checkup is coming within 2 days and I hope that everything is dandy inside tho I'm feeling pretty miserable outside. Well, nevermind me, I'll live. InsyaAllah.

Anyway, been having the braxton hicks every now and then these days, it could get pretty intense at times and whilst it didn't hurt, it's pretty unnerving (mak takot nak). There's also this weird feeling like someone is scratching you from the inside - which despite the fact that it's my 2nd pregnancy is an odd sensation.

On a lighter note, I've managed to pack the hospital bags for us last week.

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

Or maybe not.

 Allahumma yassir wa laa tu`asir

of.32 & 33 months.&.me.

Now that I'm pretty free at work, let's catch up with the little's one milestones,

shall we?

She's currently in her independent phase. She prefers to do (most) of everything on her own - and even when she fails (or too lazy) to do so, she'd go "Okay, mummy/daddy tolong/ajar/help", the keyword here is tolong/ajar/help. Like when she couldn't take off her skinny jeans because it's pretty snug, instead of saying "Okay, come here mummy buat", you are better off with "Okay, come here mummy tolong/ajar" and you better wait for her permission "Okay, mummy/daddy tolong/ajar" else she'll cry her lungs out, saying "Myra buat, Myra buat" sejuta kali. T_T

She's pretty helpful these days. You could count on her to pick up on her bottles or to dump the dirty laundry into the laundry basket or to pick up on her mess/toys (sometimes). She even took the liberty to remind me to go to the loo before bedtime (considering that the toilet is my best friend now), "Mummy, dah wee-wee belum?" as I climbed into bed next to her. T_T

She loves my makeup tho I don't wear much to begin with. She's particularly into lipsticks, lip gloss, lip tint, lip balm - she's probably enticed by the colorful tubes, so I'd always try keep one of those organic lip balm handy especially for her. Asalkan boleh pakai, it's not like she knows that it's colorless. he he. Tho sometimes I relented when she insisted on wearing the one that I just put on just to avoid the drama, calit sikit pon jadi lah - for the record, I do not condone the act of putting makeup on little kids, it's just so wrong. I probably should put on my makeup when she's not watching. *shakes head*

Now that she knows how to recite the doa makan, she'd recite them before meals and sometimes in between. Dah makan half way pon tiba-tiba baca doa lagi - much to our amusement. Asalkan bahagia lah nak. 

She's already an expert when it comes to alphabets, tho the small letters still confuse her for a bit - not like I mind, she's still a baby. Besides the alphabets, numbers and colors - her latest discovery is the shapes. She knows the usual ones - circle, square, triangle, oval, star etc - which she picked up at school.

I'm not sure whether we've been preparing her enough for the new baby, but these days, whenever she sees me sorting the baby clothes and stuff, she'd either go "Ni Myra punya!" or "Ni baby punya!" depending on her mood. Sometimes I'll go "Nanti baby dah out from mummy's tummy, baby nak pinjam boleh?" and she'd nod her head "Boleh".

She loves chocolates. Chocolate biscuits/cookies. Bread with chocolate spread/nutella. Chocolate milk/ milo. Chocolate ice cream. Chocolate brownies. Dark chocolate bars. Chocolate anything. She's not into sweets tho, she's pretty awkward when it comes to hard candies, probably because it can't be chewed. I'd usually give her a dose of chocolate every now and then, if she asks for more, I'll just remind her that too much chocolate = gigi yellow. Works like a charm every time.

She's still my little drama queen, even more so these days. Last night she cried her eyes out just because I refused to give in to something, the truth is, I was dead tired. All I wanna do was to get her to bed because it was already an hour after her usual bedtime and honestly I was feeling pretty dizzy myself so I couldn't get myself to decode her request which came out as "Nak color,nak color", nak color apa lagi malam-malam ni nakkk..tidoq please. So yea, I was in bed and she stood at the end of the bed crying, after a good few minutes she suddenly stopped and went "Mummy,mummy, tengok ni, hingus! Nak lap." I couldn't help but laugh when she finally climbed into bed next to me and fell asleep like few minutes later.

Haih, I love you cekodok, so very much.

of.numero dos.update#3.&.me.

I'm already in my 35th week and I'm doing pretty bad in writing about this numero dos pregnancy.

Not like I don't want to, but I've been so busy juggling between work (previously) and on-going stuff at home that I could hardly write one those lengthy pregnancy updates anymore.

Now that I'm finally free, dah macam, hoih, 35 weeks already, what am I supposed to write again?

If I were in a race, the finish line is already in sight. Tak dan dah nak recall about everything.

Moving on, we went for our hhmmppp.. umpteenth checkup last week. I gained like less than a kg in 4 weeks. I'm doing great in the blood pressure and whatever not department and yeah, I've started to waddle like a penguin (again) - much to C***'s amusement (or is it annoyance? ha ha.) T_T

The baby's fine tho. Growing up nicely according to his gestational age. Everything is pretty dandy. Alhamdulillah.

We're due for another checkup next week, for the GBS test (yikes!) and were reminded to be prepared for the lil one's arrival (latest) by the end of February as there's a tendency for him(yes,you got male! :P) to pop as early as Myra did (which was during the end of the 37th week), so yeah, am I prepared?

No. I'm yet to check on my Medela FS and get my hands on a new sterilizer(so it goes without saying that I'm yet to sterilize anything) and finish up with the washing of a miniature mountain of little clothes and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to cope with the mummy-of-two thingy (especially the sleepless night phase) and finally, if I were to be honest, I don't want to be reminded of the pain of childbirth, just yet. :P

Fine lah, I can't recall on how it feels anymore. Like, I know that it's very very painful, tapi dah tak ingat how painful. Probably one of God's miracles -  else berapa ramai manusia yang serik after the 1st? Ehem.

On the other hand, I can't wait for the little one to arrive. I'm almost done with the preparation. Already got a tick for most of the stuff on my mummy and baby list. I'm excited about having a tiny little baby at home again. We even managed to hunt for the upright freezer last week and it's already delivered to us last Saturday( thank you love!).

Haih, fickle minded much?


I don't know what to write.

It's the 2nd day of work after the long weekend - which out of 4 days, I only managed to spend one whole day at home. The rest? I was in between home and working my ass off in the office, buyung or not.

We had to sacrifice our long weekend off whilst some people out there whined about our bank downtime (pasai tak reti-reti nak baca the annoucements T_T)

Anyway, all went well, tho with a bunch of glitches here and there (with a bunch of dramas thrown in. Haih). Nobody gets fired, so all is well. :P

If I were to be honest, I'm tired. Physically & mentally. It's not helping when it's pretty hard to get a good night sleep due to my expanding belly and the endless trip to loo.

I swear I can actually walk to the toilet to take a leak with my eyes closed these days. Hasil latihan getting up in the dark yang dah beribu kali. I should get an award for that.

I need a break, another babymoon, yes?

Hope everyone is well & happy, because I am (since I'm able to goyang kaki for a bit.)

of.random rambling.&.me.

We've been trying to eat healthily for the past few days. On 2nd thought, it's probably ain't that healthy. Simple is more like it.

I just don't feel like having rice these days for some unknown reasons - so I've been skipping the rice-for-dinner menu tho our freezer is still pretty well stocked. So yea, we've been having those pasta, tuna sandwich and the sort for dinner, which suits me just fine and I'm glad that C***'s on the same boat as I am, in fact he requested for em.( I heart you to bits, thanks for making my life easier.) We'll keep the curry and whatnot for the weekends okay?

Anyway, how on earth am I supposed to stop a soon-to-be-3-yo from turning the house upside down? Every morning I'd usually spend a good 20 minutes to put away the toys (& it's agonizing to bend and pick up on stuff with a melon tummy) and to clean up the carpet from the 1001 bits of cookie crumbs - only to get back to square one the moment we got back home in the evening.

I can't ask her to stop playing with her toys kan? Or to stop her from asking for cookies, cereal and whatever not she wants to have for snacks.

For now, I give up - so much so that I think that I'll just do the cleaning when I finally cannot tahan the mess anymore. Say, once every 2 days. For now, breathe in and breathe out. At least not every inch of the carpet is covered with crumbs or toys, I can still tip toe around her toys, I can still see my kaki. So okay lah. T_T

Another day to go before the weekend, bertabahlah! and downs.&.me.

I'm tired. The cut-over for the mind-numbing project is coming in 19 days, or is it 18? The last time I checked it was 90. T_T

Anyway, at the 31th week, I'm feeling pretty energetic one second, and all tired and breathless the next. Sometimes I feel like doing nothing but stay in bed all day long - but with a toddler in tow - it's obviously impossible.

I can't even sleep in during the weekend - what's new with this? Yelah guess who gonna pat my face whilst saying "Mummy, mummy, bangun aa". T_T

So yea, these days, I've reduced to simple cooking (but it could be rather elaborate when I feel like it, so much so that C*** gonna go "Kalau rajin tu, macam-macam dia nak masak"), keeping the living hall & kitchen clean (whilst reminding C*** to take out the thrash, I do not take out the trash, the last time was probably 3 years ago), washing the laundry and to detest folding them with a vengeance.

Why I hate folding? I have no idea. I'll build a mountain of em (the freshly laundered clothes I mean) if you let me - without even a drop of guilt or the sort. Honestly, I could actually live with the thought of rummaging through them everyday for that particular piece of skirt or shirt or boxer short or whatever - instead of folding them.

Yea, it is that bad - so more often than not, I'll ask C*** to do it and I love him even more so for that, for not saying no and for not asking me to do it instead. Trust me, it's the hormone (or maybe not).

On a lighter note, we're doing pretty well in the preparing-for-the-new-baby department. I think there are only a bunch of stuff more to hunt for.

Ya know, another bunch of small stuff, like the Amway baby oil which would be great to have, those little packs of herbs for herbal bath to be used during confinement, the feeding bottles (which I'm not sure of which brand yet, gonna stick with AVENT perhaps? Have to train the baby to take the EBM thru bottle earlier this time around), a sterilizer (no more el-cheapo brand which only lasted for a year), newborn diapers, a bunch of colorful toe-socks etc.

The last 2 big stuff are the upright freezer and a light stroller. I don't really mind the stroller, but I so need the upright freezer supaya pisang tak berbuah dua kali, God knows how it pained me to manage the frozen EBM with our limited storage. Bila dah banyak stock, takdak tempat nak simpan, bila dah tak simpan stock, masa tu jugak la production nak merudum. Hoih. Stressed out much?

I hope to BF our next baby (at least) as long as I managed to provide for Myra, if not longer lah kan? Talking about BF, I'm yet to check on my pump. Must check on it this weekend. Hopefully it's still alive and kicking.

That's about it. I'm looking forward to the long weekend and I'm so going to drag C*** for a dose of Southwestern eggrolls on Saturday (just because the other half hafta work tomorrow.Bohoooo) .

of.morning drama.&.me.

We had one of those separation-anxiety drama again this morning.

Well, she's fine with the idea of going to school and whatnot. She even sang the songs that she learned at the playschool during our ride back home. My guts (my motherly instinct, whatever you call it) is telling me that it's not like she's being bullied at school or something along that line.

It's just that she detest the idea of being left behind - when we got to the school she eagerly took of her shoes, put em on the shoe rack and insisted for me to follow her in. She even showed me the toys, the book that they read the day before, she even went "Roosters go coookoo kokkkkokk ", but the moment I went "Myra school, mummy work okay?", all hell broke loose.

Like, what do you expect? My toddler has been staying at home, the safe and warm homely cocoon since she was born. As much as she loves socializing with the other kids, I think being left behind is somewhat intimidating for her.

Leaving her for work, with tears streaming down her face is painful tho I've been told countless of times that it was short-lived - the tears I mean. It's not like she spends the entire day crying - like what a kiasu mum like me would have thought.

I hope everything gonna be better once we start to send her over regularly - these days, she's only there twice/week.

Honestly, it's hard not to feel the guilt, tho for what, I can't really say. At some level, I think every parent wishes they could smooth out the way for their children, be it big or small. It sucks to watch them struggle.

 Allahumma yassir wa laa tu`asir

of.29, 30,31 months.&.me.

So yea, don't tell me that I'm pretty terrible at updating the little one's milestones.

It was once a 2-in-1 post, now I'm upgrading it to 3-in-1 post. T_T

It's getting bad eh? I know. Anyway, procrastinate no more. Here we go.

Should I rewrite about how expressive ( and not to mention, demanding) she is these days? She'll wake up during the weekend requesting for 'oti onai' for breakfast and 'ice clim' for dessert. She's such a big fan of roti canai these days that I always have em stocked up in the freezer together with her favourite mini cornetto ice cream. (Fine, it's not her favourite, but giving her the mini-sized ice cream is easier to handle. Mak malaih nak cleanup ya see?)

Her vocabulary is amazing - especially of the animal kingdom as it is pretty extensive, this much I hafta admit. She could name the owl right through the hippopotamus - but she could get pretty defensive of her choice sometime, like when I say that it's an owl, she'll insist that it's a bird tho she knows that it's an owl.

Me : Myra, what's this? * points to a picture of an owl*
Myra : Bird.
Me : Owl lah.
Myra : No, bukan owl, birddd.
Me: Bird ni owl lah.
Myra : Okay okay.
Me : Ni owl kan?
Myra : Tak, ni bird.
Me: T_T

Go ahead and ask her the same question sometime later, and she'll probably switch the answer to owl if she pleases. Asalkan bahagia lah nak.

She's getting pretty clingy nowadays. She probably could tell that her time as the only child in the family is running out. :P

She'll ask to be wrapped with her towel from top to toe - like a baby - when she's out from the shower and to be carried to the bed. She also requested to bath in her previously-forgotten baby basin, with 'air anas', mind you - tho she couldn't be bothered with the water temperature before. She'll come over to sit on my lap and ask to be cradled in my arms - also like a baby. I'd usually try to accommodate her various requests, except when it comes to the excessive 'dukung' part as my back is starting to ache.

She's a vain pot. She loves looking at her own photos and videos. She'd dig into em whenever possible, be it those in my cellphone or the tablet. She amuses herself by looking at her baby pictures and she'll go "Mummy, Myra kecikkk jer". You'll always be 'kecik jer' to me darling, even when you're probably 30.

She had her 2nd haircut 2 weeks ago - by our in-house hair-stylist aka her daddy. :P Her previous (& the 1st) haircut was years ago, by years I mean 29 months ago and that's like 2 years and 5 months to be exact. It takes forever for her hair to grow after she got her head shaved bald right after the confinement period, so yeah, her next haircut is probably in the next 3 years - tu pon if we have the heart to do it (again) - tho Myra was surprisingly calm about it. Owh well, I love her curls. :P

I've been making it a habit for the both of us to say "I love you" every morning. I'd usually wait for her to wake up and the moment she opens up her eyes, I'll go "I love you" and she'll reply with her"Ai wuv yu" and my next reply would be "I love you too cekodok".

Talking about this routine of ours, sometime during last weekend, I conked out after taking in my flu med,so after 2 hours of a deep sleep (it was supposed to be a short afternoon nap,but owh well?), I woke up only to find her sitting next to me. She realized that I was awake and went "Ai wuv yu" and after I replied she returned it back with "Ai wuv yu too cikodok". I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry. Mak terharu nak, tengah hormonal ni,lagi la cepat rasa nak nangis. *wipe eyes* ha ha.

She loves going to playschool, but she hates the idea of being left behind, by well, me. On the 3rd & 4th day of school, she cried each time I dropped her off (tho it was pretty short lived) and when I got there to pick her up, the moment her teacher went "Myra, mummy dah sampai", she dropped everything she's currently doing (on the 4th day she was happily singing with her friends), run to the door, had one look at me and cried "Yey yey, mummy sampai" whilst crying okeh? Tears streaming down her face, snot and all. Again, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Drama sangat anak mak.

She loves to play mak-mak with her Elmo & Abby Cadabby. She'll wrap em with a towel or cover em with a blanket, pretending that she's about to put them to sleep. Tepuk-tepuk and the usual zikir included. Once, sometime last weekend, I caught her reciting some intangible doa, followed with 'aminnn'. he he. 

At this age, she's getting pretty picky when it comes to food. Some she would eat without fuss, some not - but she never fusses when it comes to her vitamins or even medicines when she's down with cold or something. Lagi cakap "Nak ubat!" ada lah. She also loves honey. She'd go to the kitchen, points to the honey jar, fake a cough and goes "Sakit tekak, makan honey!". Okay okay, you got a point there missy.

Haih. I love you baby, will all my heart.


I'm tired.

This ongoing project doesn't only rob me from my usual peace of mind (there are tonnes of stuff to work on), but also forced me to work on weekends. My freaking precious weekends - but the good stuff bout all of these - I could get a day off to replace my working weekend whenever I like. I'd always have a full plate at work whilst struggling to work on stuff that I didn't know exist, like honestly, I initially didn't know half of the stuff that I'm currently working on. Now that they are finally growing on me, I can breathe easily.

Despite the expected stress, I like being productive, knowing at the end of the day, my time at work is well spent. Like if I have nothing to do, lagi best la duduk rumah je kan?

Moving on, I came back home from work on Saturday to a pile of neatly folded laundry - which is awesome. C*** might not be the most romantic other half in the universe, like heck, he is hardly romantic but this little gesture counts. For me, someone folding and loading the laundry is romantic, because  he knows how I detest folding and my folding sucks. Just like how he hates to dry out the laundry so I hafta do it for him. That's how we roll in the household baby. :P

Yea, when I detest something it shows and there's no point of telling me otherwise. I'm an open book, transparent, know what I'm willing to do and what I'm not when it comes to relationship, I think it makes loving me pretty much easier.

Moving on, to-date, Myra has been sent to the playschool twice last week. She loves it. She didn't even shed a tear during the 1st day - but, yea there's a but - she's been pretty moody during the 2nd day. I reckon it's the flu (which I thought was the normal morning flu, ya know malam-malam adelah super sejuk in our neighborhood) - as she's extra clingy when she's pretty under the weather.  We shall wait until she's cold-free before sending her to the playschool again - we don't want her to be spreading the virus to other kids right?

So yea, the 1st day she came back without her bottle - which didn't bother me much since we have tonnes of bottles at home, but on the 2nd day, she came back without her toiletries bag and horse(it's a rainbow-colored horse soft-toy). We are lucky that she's not too attached to any of her toys, else guess who hafta knock on the playschool door asking for the horse to be returned?

The toiletries bag, well, I shall ask for it to be returned on a daily basis later tho I've chuck out all the 'weird' toiletries stuff and replaced em with a more generic one - like replacing Myra's leave on hair conditioner with a J&J baby oil.

Why, you ask? During the 1st day, she came back looking like a baby lion. Rambut kembang-kembang okies. C*** went on saying that they probably didn't know what the conditioner is for. So I went ahead and replace it with the baby oil (tho OCD me cringed at the thought of baby oil on my baby's hair) and the little one came back home on the 2nd day with a better looking hair. *sighs*

I'm refraining myself from sounding like a kiasu mummy. So yea, replacing the 'weird' stuff with the more generic ones is the way to go. I don't think that I should go and give em 'How to groom my daughter 101' lesson kan?

The working mum's dilemma.

of.hectic life.&.me.

Life has been pretty hectic lately.

What with the ongoing project at work, the playschool hunt for the little one and whatnot.

Talking about work, less than 90 days more to go before the go-live date and sometime next week, I shall resume my long abandoned graveyard-shift. Like seriously, I couldn't even recall when was the last time I came for a midnight deployment, probably months ago.

Hopefully I could still stay awake at 2am to do the job as I'm sooo used to conk out before 11pm these days. Katil is my friend.

Ya see, I'm rather lethargic during this 2nd pregnancy, age is probably catching up with me. I used to be able to stay awake for days. Sekarang tidak lagi. T_T

On a lighter note, it seems like I have to drag C*** to come along with me tho I'm not much of a scaredy cat - but ya know, I like having him around (tho I'd be busy with work on hands and he hafta find a way to entertain himself) and for safety reason obviously. It's 2 am not 2pm, heck, sometimes it's not even safe tho it's during the pm :P.

Moving on, we finally decided to send the little one to playschool next year and I've been searching high and low for the 'right' one. Let's not go into my definition of 'right'. It might take days for me to explain, but to cut it short, I just want her to be somewhere safe where she could learn, play and make friends.

If ya ask me, I don't bother much bout the educational bit, she's 2. She has years and years ahead for that. I don't mind if she can't read at 3 - I couldn't read until I was 5, me think. So yea, what's the fuss kan? Sekarang baca Java codes pon pandai. :P

Anyway, after much searching and visiting on my side. We decided to send her to an Islamic Montessori playschool which is just a few minutes drive from our place. We went there few weeks ago and I have a good feeling about it tho it's not as famous as the international Islamic Montessori that we initially wanted to send the little one to (since they ran out of space for full day program in every freaking center that I went to, so I gave up).

I also short-listed another Islamic Playschool, but after a discussion with the PIC, I couldn't help but think that they are actually missing the essential essence of a playschool - their program is on the serious we-mean-business part, more of the formal kindergarten type. They even have a strict assessment thingy-magicy after each of the modules - don't get me wrong, I think that their program is great but probably way too serious for a 3 year old. I might revisit those stuff once my little one is older.

Anyway, back to the chosen playschool. I like the various activities that they are doing for the kids and the kids seems to be genuinely happy - I stalked their FB and they have tonnes of  daily activities pictures posted on em (but C*** was like, "of coz they won't post up pictures of the kids crying " T_T yea, you got a point there mister. ).

Owh,the principal herself is friendly and she wasn't trying to be pushy about the enrollment which is a brownie point.

I also like the fact that they are handling the kids in a small group with a good teacher:kid ratio, 1:5. I mean, kalau satu group tu 10 orang - especially for toddlers, pengsan lah cikgu nak jaga. My little one alone is pretty handful.

So yea, I do hope she will be well taken care of, after all, she's my amanah from Allah and from me to them, and I'd always pray for her safety and happiness. Kalau tidak, siap! ha ha. Dah standby dah lawyer kat rumah.(Hi little brother, adek kesayangan! *waves*). :P

Owh, it was my other half's 30th birthday last Sunday (Happy birthday love!). After stocking up on the groceries in the morning, we sneaked out for a quick birthday date aka shopping spree when the little one was asleep. Well, I have to admit that C*** is a better shopping partner when he doesn't have to juggle between handling a 2 year old and shopping. We even had time for desserts before going back home. We should do it again sometimes C***.  ;)

of.eventful weekend.&.me.

The weekend was pretty eventful for me. We managed to stock up on the groceries, stocked on my shampoos (so yea, there are like 4 shampoos in my current rotation list) and Myra's milk on Saturday, got back home by noon - but I somehow managed to tick the steamed fish off my craving list by whipping em up myself just in time for lunch.

God knows how satisfying it was - tho honestly I have no idea how it tasted like. I'm still having this bad flu-cough thingy ya see? So my taste is pretty much impaired, for me, it might be salty,spicy or sweet, but nothing much in between.

 I even made a pot of sweet wheat porridge (bubuq gandum yo!) in the morning - regardless of not knowing how it gonna turn out, but due to its no-brainer recipe, I guess it didn't turn out bad, it could be either creamy and sweet or creamy and too sweet, which could be fixed easily.

So yea, will absolutely cook up a batch again, right after I regain my taste. What with the rainy season these days, a bowl of warm sweet porridge = bliss. Absolutely my kind of comfort food.

My Saturday ended up pretty early. I  conked out together with the little one after my flu med at 9PM.

On Sunday, we're up and running pretty early as C*** had to drive us all the way to KLIA for our dim sum brunch buffet. Yea, we're spontaneous just like that. :P

The dim sum spread was awesome. We had like 4 rounds of different variations of those little wonders, steamed, fried and whatnot - until the little one fell and had a small bump on her head so we had to ask for a few cubes of ice (but the kind restaurant captain gave us a bucket of em together with a pack of wet tissue). It goes without saying that when you child started crying = parents dah tak lalu makan (but we were all stuffed by then).

Luckily, the little one's tantrum was short-lived, so she had fun running around the airport (yea, she was up and running again,even after she fell flat on her face)
and we even chilled out for a bit at the viewing deck before heading back home.

Spending our time together = as happy as a clam me.

That, my friend, is truly my kind of weekend - until I realized that C***'s uniforms were yet to be ironed. T_T

So yea, it's my kind of weekend, minus the ironing (fret not  C***, the ironing shall persist as long as possible, once I'm too tired to stand on my own (later) ballooned-up feet, .....sila sambung :P )

of.numero dos.update#2.&.me.

We're due for our 3rd checkup next week - so today I hafta pick up some speed and ramble on bout our previous one.

Well, this time around, we were not so lucky in the queuing department, so we ended up waiting for like 4 hours before our turn, ya C*** was with me this time  - I even had to bribe him with cheese cake so he won't whine too much :P. Well, I don't blame him, my backbone almost melted from all the sitting too.

Anyway,I was due for a blood test during the 2nd checkup, so I had 2 tubes of my blood taken in for testing and got it checked for blood sugar too which was normal tho I just had a tall glass of smoothies and cheese cake 2 hours before the test. Alhamdulillah.

Owh, we also discovered the gender of our numero dos baby - after much prodding and whatnot on moi tummy, but lets not spill the beans yet - until we're really really really sure bout it. If ya ask me, the gender doesn't bother me (except when it comes to shop-for-the-baby part, but it's still too early for that). All I want is a smooth and healthy pregnancy and obviously an equally healthy baby - nothing else matters.

Talking bout the gender, we even got 2 printouts of the baby, one of it with a red circle on the genital area to further highlight the discovery. T_T

On the weight department, I gained like,hmpp...100g - my 1st weight gain throughout my 16 weeks. Since I'm not the skinny type to begin with, lemak tepu dah banyak, so my body probably refuses to store much fat this time around. Me think. Let's leave the membesar-bagaikan-johan part for later - I'm pretty awesome at that.

Since I was pretty bad at taking in the previous batch of supplements - thanks to my extreme level of gassiness, I have the tendency to puke each time I feel like burping, so yea, imagine burping after swallowing the humongous fish oil softgel. I is muntah hijau - the doc suggested me to take a glass of warm saffron honey tea every morning to ease the problem - which somewhat helps for a bit or probably, it's all in my mind.

Looking forward to the next checkup. Hopefully the blood test gonna turn out well and I do hope to get a confirmation on the gender as the year-end-sale is coming in a bit, this mummy would be glad to skip the lets-shop-for-unisex-stuff phase.

of.numero dos.update#1.&.me.

So yea, here I am, trying to pick up the pieces of whatever left of my memories - of our 1st checkup for the numero dos which was probably less than 2 months ago.

To start it off, this time around, we decided to stick with the same gynecologist, Dr. Marsita Mansor - the awesome motherly doc, tho it's obvious that we have to bear the long queue and the (almost) endless waiting time. It's most important for me to have a female gynecologist as I couldn't bear to think of it otherwise and we're thankful for the rezeki to be able to have her for the 2nd time.

The truth is, exposing myself to a male doctor when I actually have the power to choose is just beyond me. I mean, dengan Dr. Marsita herself pon I was already terkulat-kulat during some of the procedures, imagine if she's being replaced with a guy? I might pass out, not from the pain but from the utter shame.

So yea, I'm not dissing others' choice as it's absolutely a personal preference. Others have their own reasoning for whichever choice they made.

This is just me, I'm lorat just like that. (I think C*** would agree.) ;)

Lets leave out the gruesome details on how I peed on a stick like twice before finally going for the checkup.

Moving on, we went for our 1st checkup during our 10th week. Yea, we're pretty seasoned this time around and we took our time unlike the last time. We didn't run around like a headless chicken panicking and fretting on stuff that we should and shouldn't do. he he.

I was on an emergency leave that day since MIL was feeling a wee bit under the weather, so right after I brought her to the clinic, I went straight to my clinic to put my name on the queue and before noon, I drove myself and the little one to the clinic to wait for our turn as C*** was expected to show up sometime later and were to meet us there.

We(Myra & me) waited for a good hour and right after the doc came in, whaddya know? My name was actually the 1st one on the queue. I was pretty flabbergasted - so much so that I forgot to wait for C***. ha ha. Yea, we went in for the 1st checkup without him. It's just me and the little one.

So the doc was pretty surprised to see me but she was obviously pleased to finally meet Myra again after a good 2 years. We talked for a bit , counted the EDD, had my weight and blood pressure taken and later moved on to the exciting bit, the ultrasound.

When I started to lie down on the bed, Myra started crying. ha ha. She's probably scared of those scanning machine and stuff, so I pulled her up and she sat right on top of my feet whilst the doc began the scanning - so she got to watch too. :)

Looking at the little one #2 images on the screen and listening to the heartbeat was like a reality check. Like yea, I'm pregnant again, like for a real. :P

Yea, it's tough to tell yourself that you're expecting when you're yet to feel (the baby movement that is) or even look like one. (I'm currently on my 16th week now and I don't look pregnant,yet.Me think.)

Fast forward 30 minutes later, we were out of the doc office with tonnes of vitamins and a couple of pictures for the daddy - he arrived when we were already at the restaurant nearby, waiting for our lunch. Kesian daddy. Promised not to forget to wait for him next time. he he.

So we had our lunch and went back home happy. Alhamdulillah.

How's that for an ending? :P

Owh yea,  let's talk about my all day sickness for a bit. It is pretty horrible compared to the 1st one. I mean, it's expected of me to feel nauseous when it comes to the smell of cooking and whatnot but I didn't expect to puke like countless times everyday even after going to the loo. Like seriously, being in the loo itself adelah membuatkan rasa nak muntah or memang muntah.

Another fun fact is, every night during the 1st few weeks, I broke up in hives on my hands and feet right after Maghrib, it was annoyingly itchy. So I'd just lay on the bed for a bit and smothered myself with mint body lotion and waited for em to subside. Myra would sometime help to pat those lotion on whilst saying "Kesiaannnnn kesiannn amii" in a tiny voice - so I was feeling pretty miserable but amused. :)

Just like the previous one. I also cannot tahan oily food - looking at em make me feel like throwing up. I cannot take anything with santan and excessive oil innit. So for the 1st few weeks I survived on breads, minimal oily food and homemade bihun sup - hence the reason why my raya was pretty boring.Ya know raya = makanan gemok berlemak tepu.

My another cannot is cleaning up after Myra when she's done with the big business. Pee I can handle. Poo cannot but when there's nobody else (especially C***) around to do it, a mother gotta do what a mother gotta do. So I'd dab a wee bit of essential oil on a towel, wrap my nose with it like a ninja and get it over with but more often that not, I'll muntah anyway.

Owh well, if this ain't love, I don't know what this is. ;)

of.27th,28th month.&.me.

Okay, now that I need to sum up 2 months-worth (the 27th & 28th) of the little one's progress, I'm suddenly running out of words - BUT there's no more space for procrastination, so let's see what I could come up with anyway, shall we?

She's a talker, a singer and a mak-nenek - all rolled into one. Yea, since she discovered the joy of talking and singing and childish-nagging, there's hardly a moment of silent when she's around - except probably during nap time. Not complaining. Her voice is music to my ears (except when I'm soooooo tired and trying to sleep and she's yet to stop singing). T_T

She's so into writing and coloring or should I say, scribbling? More often than not, she'll wake up in the (weekend) morning and goes "Mummy, jom depan, nak tulis"  whilst it was still pretty dark outside and I'm trying to sleep in for a lil bit (well, it's the weekend after all).

If she's not into 'tulis' in the (weekend) morning when her parents are trying to sleep in for a bit. She'll demand to be carried out from her babycot "Mummy, out out", and after I placed her on our bed, she'll try to (pretend to) sleep for a bit before amusing herself with whatever she feels like - more often than not, she'll turn on the TV, unplug the tablet from the charger(yea, she'll switch off the charger 1st, she's her daddy's daughter, sangat berhati-hati), grab my body lotion bottle and smother her body with em etc. Self-sufficient, yes?

She's a water baby. Loves the pool and the normal bath-time still. She'll take off her own clothes, put em in the laundry basket, take off her diaper and goes "Jom shower" whilst tugging at my hand - yea, I've taught her not to go into the bathroom alone without adult supervision. Ya know, the bathroom is a dangerous place, being slippery, stocked with 1001 toiletries thingymajiggy and all.

 Her favourite phrases these days include, "Nak nak nak" - especially when she's being offered something - excited, beaming face included. "Alaa..abish" - when something is finished or  someone is no longer within her sight. Yeah, wrong concept sikit di situ, but she's 2, so she'll grow outta it. :P

She's still my little drama queen. When we refuse to give in to her demands, she'll fake a dizzy look (by spinning around) and drop herself on the ground, pretending to pass out - the aaaaaahhh sound (the sound as if you're falling from high places) included. If she's being carried at the moment, she'll move her head around and drop her head on our shoulder to pengsan. Anak sapa la drama sangat ni?

She loves durian (she was introduced to them whilst she was in her mummy's tummy :P) - so much so that her daddy actually brought her out for a durian-session weeks back (without me, not like I mind, I can't handle durian now, which is weird,numero dos baby don't like durian kah?). Yesterday, her daddy bought some since she couldn't stop chanting "Dulian, dulian, emm..sedap" T_T. I had to hide in the bedroom whilst they enjoy their dose of durian.

Sometime during the weekend, whilst we were at the mamak, enjoying our tandori and roti canai dinner, an old lady with a crutch passed by our table and the little one broke into song "Nenek nenek si bongkok tiga" - which left us speechless. *facepalm*

Her 1st complete sentence is probably "Alaa...tak keluar pon" whilst trying to suck on her box of juice. Yea, she uses "Alaaa.." like a lot, probably for the dramatic effect.

She still loves to twirl her hair around her little fingers and during bedtime, her curly hair alone is not enough to satisfy her twirling-need. So much so that she'll ask for a few strands of mine to twirl instead (yea, I have to place my head next to hers so that she gets an easy access to my lock.)

Sometime during the past month she developed the habit of nail-biting. Haih..why la must gigit kuku. Each time I caught her doing it, I'll make sure to remind her that it's yucky. I hope she gonna grow outta it, ya know like how she grew out of her long-time-ago-nose-picking habit. :P

She knows her body parts - elbow,shoulder,forehead,cheek,eyes,ears,head,neck,pusat(yea,belly button), kuku,ears,nose,mouth,hair,butt (otherwise known as puntoq.haha), hand, leg. The last time C*** taught her about chin and janggut. It got her a wee bit confused. Like, is that a chin or janggut? (Since both are on the same spot). :P

Her colors are still pretty basic - white,black,blue,yellow,green,pink,brown,orange,purple,red. She gonna get pretty confuse when it comes to turquoise and such. Ya know, those in-between colors. It could look like green one minute and blue the next. Owh well, those complicated colors hafta wait.

Okay baby, mummy loves you.

I probably need to measure it up with something bigger.


I'm feeling lethargic these days, hence the (long) hiatus.

This post is probably just me, learning to write again.

Let's be random for a bit.

I owe myself a couple of posts on the little one's milestones. Like, I'm so sorry for being such a lazy ass these days baby. I'll make it up to you, like err..soon?

Everything is fine at work - tho the stress is piling up for a bit since the cut-off date for the big-ass project is closing in. The project which would requires me to work on a public holiday in February. Splendid - but Alhamdulillah for a great team, we keep each other sane thru it all.

Our 2013 EID was eventful albeit being pretty short compared to the previous years. Managed to celebrate it both in Malacca and Kedah. Attended some makan-makan session (tho I did more of the food-watching rather than eating,will rant about that later), cousins' weddings and whatnot. I'm planning to have a longer break during raya haji to balik kampung and jalan-jalan for a bit. How about bercanda di pasiran pantai C***?

I desperately need a quick getaway - but it ain't happening real soon (glares at C***). Will pester the other half when the time comes.

We're pregnant!(No kidding, how's that for a random update?) Yea, we're expecting again - which is about time lah, since I'm going to welcome the big 30 next year. Must reproduce the numero dos before I turn into a fossil. Myra gonna get a little sister/brother a few weeks before she turns 3 next year (insyaAllah), perfect timing don't you think? :P

I'd like to write about my 2nd pregnancy - as I'm already well into my 2nd trimester - just like I did when I was a preggo with Myra, ya know, just to keep track on the similarities and differences. Similarities? I had many, differences pon banyak. Will try to start rambling about it, err..soon jugak.

Yet to break the news to (most) people at work tho some already knew. Yea, I'm still looking all tough outside tho I'm puking my guts out and dry retching inside (the toilet that is). The truth is, I don't like to be deemed invalid,so yea, probably the last person to know gonna be the boss, when I'm starting to show that is.

So my plan is, wrap up the big project in Feb, pop sometime in early March(& get the usual bonus, increments and whatnot at the end of it) and off for my 3 months maternity leave.

Awesome, yes?

Owh, I turned 29, days ago. Alhamdulillah. Thanks for all the good wishes.It's great when your birthday is on a public holiday - so much so that C*** didn't get to escape from celebrating it. :P He got me a big choc pavlova with tonnes of berries which was fattylicious. Hadiah birthday, probably later. I didn't know what I want when he asked. Lemme just sleep on it for a bit.

p/s: Now that I've learned to write again, a real post is coming up, err..soon.

of.25 & 26 month.&.me.

Yes, I need to catch up with the little one's milestones update.

Well, as she grows, the most suitable word to describe her these days is probably colorful. Yea, she's a colorful person. Full of pleasant (& not so pleasant) surprises.

She loves to shower, so much so that the best way to snap her out of her sleepiness each morning is by saying "Baby, jom shower".  She'll quickly grab her towel and goes "Yey yey mandi". She's also a toothbrush-lover. She has like 4 toothbrushes that she gonna lug into the bathroom during each bath time. T_T

Don't let me start rambling on the condition of her toothbrushes. Kembang setaman (from too much brushing and biting). Owh the horror. Penat mak dok jadi pemborong berus gigi. At this rate we're going, I probably need to replace her toothbrushes every month.

I should probably mention that she's very polite. She'll thank you for everything.

One of my favourite moment to observe is probably during dinner - as whenever she gets sick of sitting on her high chair. She'll cry for C*** to pick her up and instead of off-the-chair-do-something-else, she insisted on sitting on C***'s lap. Most often than not, she'll go "terima kasih" to C*** (teruih daddy tak jadi nak marah tho the little one's disturbing his meal time) for letting her sit on his lap whilst helping him to pour spoonful after spoonful of whatever lauk/kuah that's placed right in front of C***'s plate. he he. Pasrah je daddy kau nak. 

She loves dried fruits and nuts. Her usual are apricot, raisins,cranberry, dates, almond, sunflower seeds,green peas and peanut. She probably got it from me as I'd usually keep the pantry pretty well stocked with those stuff. Yea, my tiny way of trying to snack healthily and I'm glad that it rubbed off on her quite a bit - tho occasionally, she does get the ice cream or cookies treat.

She's still crazy bout Upin and Ipin. She even learned some good stuff and not so good stuff from the show. Well, in the show, there's an episode where Upin and Ipin were both feasting on the remaining of their milk powder straight from the can, so there was the palm-licking actions and whatnot - so these days, whenever she sees us in the process of whipping her a bottle of warm milk, she'll go "nak nak" whilst extending her open palm to us, suruh letak a wee bit of the milk powder on in so she can lick it off, just like Upin and Ipin did. T_T

She's been taking in her instructions like a champ for as long as I can remember, but these days, she'd volunteer to do certain task sometimes. Like carrying (or more like dragging) the diaper pack that we just bought into the room when we got home from groceries shopping. She even knows where to put em. :)

She's now starting to have a preference of her own. Few days back, she insisted on wearing her day diaper tho I've just put on her night diaper (It was already 8.30PM, it's night diaper time). How she cried her lugs out whilst shoving the day diaper to her daddy - who finally relented and changed her and later, I had to change her nappy again before bed.

She still gets an hour or two of tablet time everyday - to play her puzzles, watch her cartoons or simply to sing along to her current favourite songs. One of her fav these days is the Happy Birthday song. 

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear mummy. Happy birthday to you.

Yea, my birthday is like everyday (for) now. :P Bulan 9 nanti kalau tak nyanyi untuk mummy, siap!

Small person, big attitude sungguh.

I love you baby.

of.the 3rd.&.me.

I've been really, like really really busy at work that I forgot to write a post bout our 3rd anniversary (but I didn't forget to get him a surprise gift, tho in the end it's not quite a surprise after all, he reads me like an open dog-eared book, how could I escape? Better luck again next time.)

Yea, we turned 3 last week. Alhamdulillah.

There's not a day that I'm not thankful for having the other half of mine ( despite the unromantic-ness and all that. He's human after all, but I can still hope. he he.).

He's a champ in handling all my crazies.

For a start, I'm pretty fussy.

Just last night he caught me whilst I was steaming a cob of corn and he was like  

"Kan ade lagi jagung yang dah masak dlm fridge tu?"

"Yang semalam punya tak best".

I don't do leftovers  - most of the time. Not like he doesn't (already) know, he (just) prefers to point it out each time, just like that.

Second, if I were being honest, I wouldn't describe myself as low-maintenance. I'm not a 24/7 high maintenance girl either.  I'm more of medium-high maintenance girl, depending on the occasion.(I wouldn't mind a cheap clothing but I'm a sucker for designer handbag and I don't do fake/immitation anything.).

He accused me of introducing him to the lavish stuff, but in my defense, we earned (with sweat and tears) everything that we have now (with the endless support from our families and rezeki from Allah obviously).

We were not born with silver spoons in our mouths - if we do, I'd probably just gonna sit at home looking pretty whilst doing some online shopping and later whine that I'm tired.

So what's the harm in enjoying the fruit of our labor a little? :)

All in all, I'm thankful for having someone to knock some sense into my head when I'm not thinking straight , to keep me walking on the right path, to grow old (& a wee bit fat with) whilst keeping me deliriously happy.

Thank you C***, I am grateful.


Can't count the years on one hand
that we've been together
I need the other one to hold you
Make you feel, make you feel better

It's not a walk in the park
to love each other
But when our fingers interlock,
Can't deny, can't deny you're worth it
'Cause after all this time, I'm still into you

I should be over all the butterflies
But I'm into you
And baby even on our worst nights
I'm into you

P/S: I'm looking forward for 300 years more (tho not like we'd live that long, but you get the drift)., hate.&.me.

I don't know how some people can live their lives, day in and day out 'worrying' bout others - honestly, it irritates the hell out of me.

 He/she saw someone with new car/house/cellphone/_______(insert worldly materialistic stuff here) or going places and somehow couldn't refrain himself/herself from saying

"Owh, from the amount of moolah she's making, I don't think she can afford it for long".

Like what's your problem? Is it your moolah that they've been using to fund those purchases? Yes? Sila go bonkers, else please shut the f up, yang nak sakit hati,komen lebih-lebih tu pasai pa? 

If you can afford to get one on your own to pacify your 'concern' or should I just Good for you, else even if others have to eat maggi/roti cicah kari every freaking day sekalipon in order to maintain their posh-ness, you have no right to judge/comment apetah lagi complaint - as if it's your mount of money that they've been hacking.

I is no understand sungguh la. 

Moving on.

We tried to bring the little one to the Aquaria last weekend. Do note the word 'tried' as we were already queuing when we decided that we'll come back again later (which I don't know when, probably this weekend or the next?) because the queue was pretty slow (tho it we were only 20 steps away from the ticketing counter, yea, C*** counted the steps, he's a number freak just like that :P) and the crowd was unbelievable so it's going to be stuffy inside which is not good.

So we walked back to the mall for our lunch at Ben's. The foods were alright but it's the drink I love most - as I'm a sucker for fresh fruit smoothies + mint, so the Summer Freeze hits the spot for me. What's not to love about mango + lime + mint combo? Another heavenly combo gonna be honey dew + mint + honey (which I discovered when we dined at Bumbu Bali years ago). Have to stock up on the fruits tomorrow so that I could make my own concoctions this weekend.

On a lighter note, I'm so going to drag C*** to hunt for, hmpp..ketam.

of.the long weekend.&.me.

I had a long weekend last week (after a week of tiring days at work, I am seriously getting too old for night/midnight system patch/deployment).

3 days of good food and loved ones back in Kedah.

It has been quite sometime since our last trip back home and since C***'s currently on his week-long break, we decided to hit home.

3 days flies like you wouldn't believe, I didn't manage to get a dose of the famous mee goreng mamak, the charcoal-fried-koew-teaw or even the awesome roti canai - but we managed to visit Tok (my beloved grandma), attend a wedding (whilst satisfying my crave for ABC, I had like 2 bowls of em tho it was raining) and even met up with the new cute niece (who came over with her parents to visit us instead, thank you!) .

Myra on the other hand, had a real good time - what with getting (almost) everything that she wanted (this is a 1st child and 1st cucu syndrome), early in the morn, she'll point at my mum big fridge and went "aiscliiimmmm"(tapi of coz tak dapat ice cream, her mum is garang, she got ice cube in a cup to play with instead. he he. Distraction is the key. ) or demanded for a snickers bar for herself just because her Pak Su was eating one or insisted on feasting on a jar of tempeyek - only to pick on the kacang (guess who hafta eat the kacang-less tempeyek?). Haih la anak.

Myra with both Tok(my mum) & Nenek(my grandma) at my grandma's place. :)
Both at my parents' place and my Tok's place,she went berserk each time we let her step outside - to play out in the open courtyard. Ini lah bahananya duduk rumah tak bertanah.  Sorry darling, even our near-future-crib pon wouldn't be one with a courtyard, balcony will do la eh? We'll see if we can get a nice small swing for you.

The ♥ of my life (besides C*** obviously) having a ball on her new ride.
She even got 2 new rides (a tricycle and a car, thank you Tok & Wan) to replace the push car that we brought back home with us previously (thank God the new car is too big to be brought home, else celah mana nak letak as our current place is well,hmpp..puny).  So now she has a train-ride and a push car at home. A tricycle and a car back in Kedah and another (Doraemon) tricycle in Malacca. Spoilt-rotten much?

On a lighter note, the only unfortunate thing is - the (pesticide-free) fruits on the longan tree in my parents' backyard are still not ripe enough for picking. I is sad. Longan is my favourite, like ever.

Hmpphh..I'm feeling homesick already.

p/s: Must get a pack of famous amos cookies to crumble. BR Love potion ice cream + cookie crumbles = bliss.

of.the theater.&.me.

Loads of stuff happening lately, so I need to catch up with my writing for a bit since my OCD-self would like to have a written memory of it - hence the multiple updates in a week.

So yea, we went out for a theater-date last Friday night at the Istana Budaya - Chow Kit Road the musical, a tribute to Sudirman. A first night out with the other half in the past 2 years. Gosh. It was that long?

A first for us as man and wife - the theater bit I mean. Honestly I can't remember the last time we actually went out for a date - just the two of us. Must be lightyears ago as we hardly go out without the little one these days - except for a handful of times for some quick groceries shopping and the sort, but those don't count lah.

So yea, the show started at 8.30PM, it lasted for a good 2 hours and I hafta admit that it's pretty entertaining. What with the live singing (which was awesome), dancing and all - tho I think they should clearly note that the show is a wee bit on the 18SX side.

Sesungguhnya not suitable for the kids.

So C***, what's next?

P/S: Guess who hafta drive me to work for the midnite deployment tonight? :X

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