of.foreign object.&.me.

Something funny happened last week, well, it is funny now - not so funny then.

Remember that Myra used to have cotton bud stuck in her ear? Well, this is somewhat similiar to that - as it's still in the foreign-object-in-ear department - tho instead of a plain old cotton bud tip, it's a tiny green bean (which she got from school) this time around and instead of a normal visit to our usual clinic - we had to go to a pediatric ENT specialist to get it out.

So yea, I took a half day off the next morning after we found out about the little bean - C*** took her to the clinic at 11PM the night before after she complained that her ear itched and C*** saw something in her ear tunnel but the doc at our usual clinic wouldn't risk trying to dig it out.

I googled for the ENT specialist and was pretty glad to find one at our usual hospital and he's a pediatric ENT surgeon pulak to. Brownies point there.

Parents kalau tak terlebih fikir, bukan la parents namanye. We already thought of the worst. What if it can't be taken out? What if she needs to be in surgery to get it out? Would she ended up with a huge scar? Would it damage her hearing? Nanti kalau tak dengar, would she needs a hearing-aid?


After all the worrying, the doc took one look at her ear using his fancy equipment and went "Owh, senang je ni. Don't worry. Kids at this age memang suka put things in their ears."

Yea, sure doc. Not like I've been feeling sick in my guts or anything. Mak relax jer ni. *blow nails*

After it-felt-like-a-year 2 minutes later, he managed to suck the bean out and said "next time we should probably let it sprouts, senang sikit nak tarik bila dah jadi taugeh kan?"


That was how I got back home with a happy little girl (coz I let her finish up a tall glass of iced tea when we went for Hainan chicken rice lunch), a green bean wrapped in a tissue and few hundred bucks poorer.

Kids and their surprises ey? Boleh sakit jantung mak kalau selalu camni.

Haih la anak. I could have bought a new Pandora charm with the money spent on the ENT specialist. Owh well?

of.everything under the sun.&.me.

Shariq turned two y/o, last month on the 18th to be exact. Yup, the terrible two. As much as I don't want to admit this, tapi memang terrible betui sometimes.

He rarely cries before, but these days, the slightest provocation would set him off. Menangis macam kena dera. The next door neighbour probably think that we dera our kids - now that MIL no longer stays with us. He would even cry when I'm in the kitchen, trying to whip up something for dinner. Having him in the kitchen would slow me down. He'd stand next to me or lean against my kaki or whines endlessly for me to pick him up.

It's no fun to cook with a crying toddler. It's not safe either. At times mak rasa like I want to quit the cooking altogether and just cuddle with him on the sofa - which is exactly what he wants me to do - but we might ended up with bread and butter jer lah for dinner kalau gitu.

Haih la. It's tiring, but being a parent is a hard work kan? Tadak sapa cakap senang pon.

Besides the extra clingy-ness, he's a smart one that little one. He understands every single instructions given. When being asked to put his dirty pjs in the laundry basket and his used nappy in the waste basket, laju je buat. After we unload the laundry from the laundry basket into the washer, he'll drag the empty basket back to our laundry room.

He would even dump the empty cups and plates in the kitchen sink whenever he's done with his food. He already got the hang of cleaning his teeth during bathtime. It's easier to clean his teeth these days. He even tried to dress himself - tho he's not quite there yet. He still loves orange. He doesn't like to blow his nose, but wouldn't mind if I remove his boogies using one of those snot sucker - that you have to use with your mouth - which grossed out C*** sebab he cannot tahan the sound of the hingus being sucked out. ha ha.

Like owh please darling. Hingus apelah sangat - luckily he's not squeamish when it comes to cleaning up after the kids. Kids and the big business could get pretty messy sometimes. I can't believe that I can actually tahan and not puke. ha ha.

Moving on, Shariq is still not talking yet. Myra started talking when she's 3 and it's hard to ask her to stop ever since. He has a bunch of words up on his sleeves, but that's about it lah - probably that's one of his sources of amukan, yer lah, he understands so well but yet cannot express himself kan?

Moving on, C*** has been so helpful these days - besides his usual task to do the laundry - everything from washing to folding - he would even cook (or at least take out the stuff for me to cook), vacuum the entire house or whip up something for us to munch on before dinner - goreng pisang is his favourite. he he.

Yea, I cook every freaking day after work. Tiring? A bit but I guess it's more tiring to eat out, what with the kids and whatnot. A take out, more often than not adelah tidak memenuhi citarasa - after all, we don't need a fancy dinner. Pasta, sandwich, rice with one or two simple dishes are on our daily rotation. Sometimes we even go for garlic bread with mushroom soup je for dinner - which is fine tho I'd always cook something 'heavier' for the kids.

Nowadays, I'm trying to make them eat something before sending them off to playschool too. Myra loves cereal with cold milk. Shariq would eat just about anything that his sister's having. Shariq is non-stop little eater when he's at home - probably to compensate his lack of appetite when he's at the daycare.

Okay lah, gotta figure out what to cook for tonight. The other half's coming back from his work trip - I've been eating toast for dinner for the past two days - just because I couldn't be bothered to cook for myself.


of.short getaway.&.me.

We got back from our KL - KK - Kundasang - Ranau - KK- KL trip 2 weeks ago - and I'm still tired. Kesan penuaan sungguh.

Anyway, the trip's amazing. We got to relax and unwind for a bit (walaupon lepas tu bila balik KL, rasa tired all over again, it's probably the polluted air. :P).

During the 1st day in KK, the other half brought us to the wild life park. It's pretty decent I hafta say and the entrance fee is pretty cheap. A good visit tho tengah panas lit-lit and some of the exhibits were closed for renovation. We even stayed around to catch the animal show. It's nothing fancy, just ade the usual birds, snakes and err..racoon? I is lupa but the kids loved it, so time well spent.

The next morning, on a very bright Sunday. I dragged everyone to the Gaya street market. I always love to see this sorta thing each time we're at a new place. It's where you'll get to the see the locals and the local stuff. I managed to buy a handful of local kuih. Some I sorta like, some I cannot stomach. he he. That's what being in a new place is all about kan? Sampling local food and whatnot.

Talks about food. We ate tonnes of seafood for two days in a row - minus the day when we stayed in Kundasang, that day we're stuffed with barbecued chicken wings dipped in cili kicap instead.

We stayed at the hotel with probably the best view in Kundasang, Kinabalu Pine Resort - we opted to have the Superior Standard room so that we'll get a clear view of the Mountain else you'd be looking at the nearby kampung if you go for the standard package. Besides the awesome view - I can't say the same about the bed sebab adelah macam papan letak toto. I kid you not. ha ha. The breakfast and dinner spread pon boleh lah. It's just a simple, no frills hotel tapi it's clean and the surrounding is pretty neat and well kept. I personally like the pine trees and all. Calming yo.

Since we stayed in a room with an awesome view of the mount - pagi-pagi buta dah lepak at the balcony with a cup of coffee enjoying the view. I could absolutely live with the picturesque view, fresh air and all that - but untuk dua hari jer la kot. A slow and easy life is not for me (yet). Petang when it starts to get dark terus mati kebosanan. ha ha.

Since we're already in Kundasang, we decided to go to the Tagal Sg.Moroli fish spa. The fishes are huge. Nothing like those fish spa you bumped into in KL. So big, so manja and so geli. I don't mind the normal fishes - except for those freaking huge cat fishes. Yup, ada cat fish and this one is major geli. Geli macam tengok ular. ha ha.

You know lah what with its snake-like head and whatnot. Lepas tu dok terbuka-buka mulut dia. I is cannot tahan. I literally ran out of the water whenever it's near. The fish spa runs on a group-basis. Each group will be given around 10 minutes to beramas mesra with the fishes but we went there on Monday - a slow Monday - so when we were released to to the river, the staff couldn't be bothered to time us. We spent a good half an hour there - we left sebab dah tak tahan geli (& sakit kena gigit) - after all it's just me and C*** jer yang seemed to enjoy the fish spa. Others - especially the kids adelah takot.

Our next stop was the Poring hot spring. I like hot spring but not during a scorching hot day (I like the hot spring spa in Ipoh better, boleh berendam malam-malam). I spent like 10 minutes dipping my kaki lepas tu dah start rimas. Kepanasan is my major turn-off tho I couldn't say the same about the kids. They enjoyed playing in one of those personal hot spring pool - so much so that I had to ask C*** to pull them out, takot masak pulak nanti kena rebus air panas + matahari. Kalau demam ka nanti, sape susah? Mak jugak. I wouldn't want to risk them being sick on a holiday - tho I'm well equipped with the medicine and whatnot.

The rest is history. I bought some of the usual ikan kering and stuff. I especially like sambal sotong kering to go with nasi lemak - so I bought tonnes of that - but yet to find the time to cook it. :P

Nanti lah eh? It's sotong kering anyway, it can absolutely wait. he he.

Okay later.

of.busy bee.&.me.

Gosh. I haven't write in ages. I've been wanting to write but as I get older, adelah rasa like people gonna take whatever I write and put it against me kalau terlebih cakap/write.

Haih, but writing is my outlet to let off some steam.

I like writing tho I'm never good at it. Wait, I don't actually write, I'm rambling most of the time. Well, whatever rocks ya boat lah.

Anyway, I've been busy you see? Work is piling up but February has been great for me so far. Had another week-long Java training - which is still pending on the exam. Yup, tho I code every single freaking day - somehow at the back of my mind, I doubt that I gonna pass this - especially on the theory bits.

I took a day off sometime after CNY to go out with my favourite person in the world - C*** lah, who else?

We went for a massage, a laid-back lunch and a movie - before picking up the kids from school. Time well spent.

Myra's diaper-less-accident-free nights adelah tergugat for the past few days (she's been diaperless during the day since forever, cuma at night baru je few months. Ya blame us). Don't know why asyik lah terbabas tho she already went to the loo a few times before bed. Should I stop her from drinking like an hour before bed? Penat mak dok membasuh comforter and bed cover and countless of others each morning.

Yesterday morning, I even had to wash the pillow! Yup, I threw it into the washer. Semoga kering la else pillow itu akan melawat cik-tong.

Luckily today takde banjir. Mak urut dada lega.

On another note, these days datang pulak mood malas buat homework and when we asked her to finish it, malas la, tak larat la then being the not-so-kiasu parents that we are - we just let her be. She's only 5 after all tapiiii....the next morning whilst getting ready for school she'd fuss over the fact that she's not done with her homework. Mula la nak muncung2. Like, semalam tanak buat kan? Pagi baru nak lorat. Memang takde la mak nak layan. Dah, pegi siapkan kat school jer. Kecik lagi ni, mak bagi chance, dah besaq nanti. Siap!  :P

Moving on, Shariq is currently in his super-active-couldn't-careless phase. Like he knocked himself against a sofa and his inner lower lips split open, with the blood-gushing and all that - and 5 minutes later was jumping up and down like yea, blood what? Mak yang risau if it gonna hinder his appetite but he's eating and drinking like usual - siap makan orange macam biasa (while I cringed in horror, orange + open wound? Hows that sounds to you?).

Yup, he loves his orange. Whilst Myra would prefer rock melon and such. He only loves mangoes and orange. Sweet and sour is his thing. Manis tak layan.

I already lost track of his teething progress. His gigi has been sprouting like bean sprouts, sampai tak sempat nak keep track. I think he just needs to grow another bunch of molars to have a complete set of gigi susu. It's so hard to clean his teeth as he's too playful to take the whole brushing and cleaning seriously. Most of the time I only managed to clean for a few seconds and he'd ended up biting the tooth brush or clamp his mouth shut - so totally different from his kakak.

We're going somewhere for a quick getaway next month before Shariq turns two (& and we have to pay for his seat on the airplane). Somewhere near just because our currency exchange sucks and because I'm a cheapskate.:P

Okay lah. Hafta finish up my work.



I'm feeling pretty demotivated at work these days. Long story and let's not go there.

Anyway, my 2016 started off with a week long training, for Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in Java SE7 Programming - yea mouthful. Another week of training coming during the 1st week of February and I have 2 exams to pass (hopefully,with flying colors).

What is the odd of being a JAVA developer (for 7 long years) tapi fail on the exams on Java fundamentals? ha ha.

This reminded me on why I'm yet to further my studies (if ever). I detest classes. I detest the long winded theory and those definitions for everything thingy magicy.

There's a huge gap between theories and actually doing em on a daily basis. I don't actually go "Owh, this error can be fixed with polymorphism". Sungguh WTF. Honestly, I can't remember the Java fancy terms for every single stuff that I'm doing, I just do it. If I need to create the getter and setter, I just do it, I don't go "I think I need to do the encapsulation here". Geddit? :P

Enough of geek talk.

Moving on. The wee one is doing good in day care. He refused to eat the breakfast porridge that I made for him, so I stopped making any (tho I still cook em for his dinner) - since the nannies insisted that he prefers to eat what others are eating. Baik lah nak. Apekah baru umur nak masuk 2 tahun dah malu nak makan bekal mak masak? :P

He was down with fever last week - as he was in his active teething phase. 4 molars are peeking out all at the same time, ouch! Come Saturday, since he's all better, we brought him to our favourite pediatrician for his long-overdue 18 mth jab. Yea, the vaccine was OOS like everywhere, we finally got a call from the clinic telling us that it's in stock last week, so laju-laju lah pergi cucuk.

So yea, no more jab for him for now. :)

He's very expressive these days - walaupon he's yet to talk. If he wants to have orange for breakfast at 7AM in the morning tapi mak kata No, he'd pout his lips and make the sniff sniff sounds - as if crying. Mana belajaq entah?

If you scolded him over something, he'll lower his gaze and pout. Pouting is absolutely his thing and he's also very the manja this one. He'll come for a hug or kisses without being asked.

Myra on the other hand is doing great in school. Eager when it comes to homework. Yup, 5 years old pon ada homework. She's been writing and whatnot and her handwriting is pretty good for someone at her age. She loves drawing on the portable magnetic board and she's sorta good in it too (probably a left-handed thingy, lukis cantik unlike the parents) and when she's not drawing, she'd be singing (her heart out), kejap in Malay, kejap in English. Whatever her heart pleases. We sometimes had to tell her to slow down a little, sebab bising sangat, we couldn't even watch the news on tv. T__T

Parents, bila anak kecik, tak sabaq suruh cakap, nyanyi segala, when they are at the unstoppable age like these, suruh diam pulak. Yea, I don't understand parents sometimes. :P

Well, since she's turning 5 in April, C*** is starting to teach her how to load the washer and separate the clothes. She's currently in her helpful phase, so she somewhat enjoys it. I think it's great to teach em basic chores like these - as long as it's harmless and age-appropriate. Takkan at 5 y/o nak ajar iron baju pulak? Way too dangerous.

Nanti adik dah besaq sikit, ajar dia pulak - coz I also think that both genders need to learn how to do house chores. No such thing as a boy couldn't be bothered to do the dishes or load the washer or lipat baju.  

Kot nanti kawin dapat wife yang tak suka lipat baju (like me), then how lah? :P

of.eventful long weekend.&.me.

We had a long weekend last week. C*** got a day off on Friday and I decided to follow suit. I also took a half day off a day before to roam the Big Bad Wolf. The thing is about BBW, I always like to go there alone. It's an awesome me time I hafta admit.

Walking through mountains of books is sorta relaxing - tho the only stressful part about this whole BBW thing - is the fact that I hafta put a limit to my book-spree. Not financial limit but weight limit. he he. I gauged the limit based on my disability to properly maneuver the trolley. Ya la, kalau dah berat sampai nak terpeleot tu, paham-paham sendiri je la. :P

Got there sometime before 1pm and I managed to leave before 5pm to avoid the peak hour traffic. The books are alright (walaupon dah mahai a bit), but I couldn't find some of em books that I was hunting for. Dah habis kot. The food/snacks selection pon not too shabby. I had Thai Milk Tea with a set of salted egg siew mai for my quick lunch. The dim sum adelah from the exact company that we usually get our stash from.

So yea, I bought a handful from my usual writers - Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain, Anne Bennet, Kate Furnivall &  Khaled Hosseini.

It's great that I managed to grab 2 new books by Ha Jin too. I was accidentally introduced to him years ago, when I borrowed a bunch of novels from a dear cousin (borrowed? More like buat harta, the novels are still with me back in my hometown, in our so called mini library). Novel tu nama dia - Waiting and it's a good one, I reread it twice or maybe thrice. I like his way of writing and describing things and for an old man, dia takde la tulis berbunga sangat sampai rasa annoying. ha ha.

I decided to give Jane Green a try too. I honestly never heard of her and I have no idea why (but I found her books in the Romance section, that's probably why. I don't do chick lit anymore) but 'Bestseller' was written on those books' cover, so yea, I decided to give it a try. Forgive my ignorance. Mana lah tau sebenaqnya she's as popular as Jodi Picoult tapi I've been living under a rock ke kan?

Bought a bunch of books for the kids too. I'm particularly thrilled with one of those paper dolls books. I actually bought 2. Ya know patung kertas yang boleh pakaikan baju tu. ha ha. One of it canggih sikit because instead of the usual paper, it's magnetic, so baju boleh lekat-lekat je.

When C*** saw it, he was like "You bought this for yourself kan? Awak yang nak main sebenarnye kan?"

Noooo silly. Of course I bought it for Myra. *cough cough*


Anyway, I spend more than RM200 and I got a RM10 voucher and with that I got a RM12 worth of thing. That thing is a box that comes with a reusable bag and hurmm...other things - which I'm yet to discover - sebab tak dan nak tengok ape kebendanya. I just want to spend the voucher quickly and I don't want to spend more. So beli je benda RM12, so tambah 2 ringgit jer. Yea, I'm cheapskate like that. :P

Moving on, we went back to Kedah on Friday - but not before picking up a butter cake (which I craved for, I'm a sucker for awesome butter cake, butter yer, bukan majerin) and going to the clinic so that a cotton bud could be safely removed from Myra's right ear. Yup, tah ape dia buat as the night before she complained that her ear was itchy so when the ear-cleaner aka C*** (he cleans everyone ears, including mine. ha ha. He's just lucky I have dry ears - which is usually nothing beyond berhabuk - and not the waxy kind. Okay TMI ) wanted to clean her ear, ternampak lah the remanent of the cotton bud in her ear.

We freaked out but since it was late and she's not in distress over it, tunggu je esok. Parents of two adelah so cool, if this were to happen when Myra's still the only child, mau bawak pi ER terus.

The doctor took it out easily and quickly and before we left, sempat lagi dia cakap "Next time jangan korek ears sendiri, nanti ears kena potong" to Myra. ha ha. We've been telling her not to clean her ears herself like thousands times dah kot, I guess kid just doesn't know how dangerous that simple ear-cleaning act could be. Haih.

Well, long story short. We arrived in Kedah sometime after Maghrib, thanks to the bad traffic. Dah macam balik raya pulak rasanya. The next day, we went out for seafood dinner in Tanjung Dawai, lil brother's treat. It's my 2nd time there and the dinner was alright tho the waiters were a bit slow.

Going back home is all about food, and more food and catching up on the usual family stuff. I'm missing them already.

That's about it. On Monday the kids' playschool was closed, thanks to Selangor for winning the football match but no thanks because I work in KL. I hafta take a day off since C*** still hafta work tho his office is in Selangor.

So yea, I cooked and cleaned, even brought the kids out for some groceries. Myra wanted to have the Mexican bun aka Rotiboi for tea and I'm grateful for the new outlet which recently opened in our neighborhood Petronas. Bertambah senang la kerja mak menambahkan lemak. Haih, fresh out of the oven - crispy on the outside, buttery soft in the inside.

Okay, tata.

of.new routine.&.me.

Since last Friday, there's been a change to our daily routine. Instead of dropping Myra je to playschool, I also dropped her little brother along.

My morning routine pon took a 360 degrees turn.

Now, I'll wake up and pack up their bags, warm up Shariq's breakfast and put it in the Thermos food jar so that the teacher would be able to quickly feed him breakfast once he got there. He's not big on bottle-feeding, so he hardly finish up his milk when he's there, preferring food over the dreaded milk. Yup, and no bottle can do when I'm around, nak fresh from the source. :P

I'll bathe both of them before sending them off to school - the teacher was surprised that I already bathe Shariq at home - selalunya budak kecik would be brought over still in their pjs but my son is a morning person and I think it's easier for me to sort him out beforehand. Lagipon, I reckon that it gonna do him good, pagi-pagi happy dapat main air with me and the sister. Calm before the storm la kan? Storm sebab lepas tu nangis kena tinggai. he he.

So yea, bila nak masuk kereta tu, I feel like a juggling act in a circus, 4 bags and 2 kids. Ni baru 2 kids. I'll strap Shariq onto his carseat and I got Myra properly seated to - both duduk belakang - which reminds me that I need to find a booster seat for Myra.

Well, 2 days ago, after I picked both of them up. Myra suddenly went "Mummy kakak nak nasi lemak, ada egg and kacang and small fish (ikan bilis)."

Truth is, I already took out a few slices of ikan merah (I put em in the chiller to defrost) which I planned to pan-grill, tapi sebab tetiba anak nak makan nasi lemak, adelah kesian. It's just my luck that I had a tupperware of frozen coconut milk in the freezer, so takde la balik kerja dok nak perah santan segala. Domestic goddess sangat. *flips tudung*

By 7.30pm, I was already feeding em the nasi lemak. All done in in less than 45 minutes. I also made sambal sotong for us. Ikan hafta simpan for later - nothing beats your kid's "Sedapnya mummy masak" - music to mummy's ears okay? Walaupon penat rasa macam nak bagi makan roti letak peanut butter je lepas ni. ha ha.

Okay la, I'm not that mean. I made oven baked fish last night. Fried some eggplants and tempe too. C*** tambah nasik twice. Konon masak simple to kurangkan makan, nampaknya bertambah instead.

Today he requested for Ikan tenggiri goreng berlada and I'm yet to figure out what's the side dish to go with that. Probably stir-fry vege with egg tofu? Hmppp..

Anyway, when C*** got back home from work, he helped to load the washer and folded up the clothes when the kids (and sometimes moi self) are off to bed. Nothing beats waking up to neatly folded clothes, yup, super kemas I tell ya, he absolutely fold em better than I do, so the job is forever his.

Yea, not much of a domestic goddess in that sense eh? 5 years and 2 kids later, I still don't do the folding, it's just my luck that C*** doesn't mind doing that. He even cut the mangoes into little cubes for the kids whilst I finish up the endless work in the kitchen, clean up their bottle and cup, cook a fresh batch of chicken porridge for Shariq, refill their water bottles and whatnot.

This morning, I woke up early to sort out C***'s uniforms for the next 2 days, turned out, takde electricity pulak until the very minute I was about to get off to work (wearing whatever decent looking baju yang tak iron that I could find in the closet). Such is life eh?

Better luck tonight.

On a lighter note, I absolutely need a book-spree to let off some steam. Can't wait.

Okay lah, later.

of.a quick recap.&.me.

Well, I'm still alive and kicking alright?

Anyway, as usual. I've been trying to write but I have like tonnes of stuff on my plate these days. Work's aplenty tho I hafta admit that's I'm not depressed or anything - like, kerja banyak but I can afford to do it at my very own pace - which is pretty laju if you ask me, sebab mak suka kerja siap cepat, lepas tu boleh goyang kaki. :P

I'm scheduled for a 2 months-long development for a system enhancement. A pretty big one and it's a one man show but I don't sweat much bout it. Lagi pening dok pikir on how to setup a UAT and Production deployment compilation folder for one of the systems under my care - sebab the current server gonna be decommissioned and it's just my luck that the system's compilation adelah a tad different than the usual, so yea, let's figure out on how to do that later. Sekarang malas.

Talks about work I also need to work on the encryption thingy for our SMS-getaway system.

Okay, enough on geek talk.

My parents were here in KL for 2 weeks earlier this month - to berubat. MIL insisted on bringing dad to try out on another alternative medicine - and since it doesn't revolve around ayam golek 2 ekoq, teluq ayam kampung color putih 10 bijik, pulut kuning segala - we decided to give it a try and I like it when they're here. I got to see them often. They were staying at my aunt's place (which is only 10 minutes drive away) and they went out often. Jalan-jalan la, eat out segala. Mum also got to shop and relax for a bit - she went out shopping la, massage etc with my aunt. Which is nice.

Talks about jalan-jalan, now that dad's confined to his wheelchair (tho not like he cannot walk, he can but slow lah kan, and it tires him out pretty quick), it's great that the malls (especially the new ones) are disabled-friendly. Kat Kedah, especially in my hometown, it's pretty tricky to get him out and about but in KL, most malls siap boleh rent wheelchair segala - which is great. Talks about when something's related or affected you, then baru lah nak perasan on these sorta thing kan? Dulu tak heran pon. 

I'm counting days now, can't wait for the arrival of my newest addition to my addiction. Haih, ever since I started working. I've been wanting to get my hands on Pandora but those days, I was crazier over designer handbags so that put a halt to this, but after Shariq was born and instead of spending my money on another gold jewellery or a bag that I couldn't be bothered to wear much - gold, sebab I don't like gold to begin with. Bag pulak, after being a mom of two, I hardly change my bag anymore, pi mai pi mai dok pakai bag tu jugak.

So yea, mari lah beli something that I don't mind wearing daily. I also collect Mantra Band sebab comel. :P

On a lighter note, I think that I'm currently battling a hormonal-skin. Like these days, I look like a teenage, fresh out of high school. Those little pimples are every where, okay it might not look so obvious since they are real tiny, scattered all over my forehead like some sort of rashes, but if I'm standing under the sunlight, urgh..rasa sungguh gross. Haih, I honestly don't know where to start on fixing this. I mean, the last time I had these sorta stuff was ages ago, I'm 31 now, shouldn't I live with a healthy glowing pimple-free skin already?


Ni nak kena start balik pakai facial wash for teenagers ke camne? I'm so depressed - well sorta.

On another lighter note, I ran out of my mineral makeup - I used to stock up my stash from LovingMinerals but I guess that they are no longer in business, the website/FB looks like it has been inactive for months. Haih, where la to stock up now? 


I'm currently trying to finish up my latest read, Stephen King's From a Buick 8 - it's a slow read - for me at least. I'm always slow when it comes to Stephen King's. I like how he described things and would tend to go slow as I'd be busy reading and imagining all at the same time. he he.

Absolutely a different read compared to my usual non-fiction and BBW 2015 is coming in December!

Yea, I need to stock up for the kids. My kids are a bunch of book-eaters, like literally and whilst I'm at it, might as well grab some for myself - tho I still have a handful of books - untouched. Talks about getting way out of my reading-plan. Nak habiskan a book monthly is such a chore these days and to think that I only got myself like 15 books to read from BBW last year, tu pon tak boleh habis. It's already October and I think I have > 5 more to go. Haih, I don't know myself anymore.

My favourite leave-on hair conditioner is on SALE (again!). The one that I've been using since forever on Myra, but I still have another huge bottle at home from my last haul - but there's no harm in stocking up when it's on Sale right? It's not like it's going to wilt or something, righttt? Haih, mom's dilemma.

Contrary to the last post. Shariq now eats like a champ (and he loves oranges!). It's such a joy to watch him eat. Suap, telan, suap, telan. Macam bagi makan ulaq sawa. ha ha. I must be imagining things, but I swear he is a lot heavier now - tho it's impossible to wish for the return of pipi-kuih-pau but looking at his yummy buncit tummy is a definition of happiness to me, I'm so easy to please.

I've stopped pumping at work, yup, no more EBM for Shariq. I guess that I just got too busy and too tired of pumping but he stills stick to me like a baby koala when I'm home (and there's no way for him to take the bottle when I'm around), like the first thing that he'll ask for when I'm back from work is to be fed. Bila mak dia balik, macam eureka moment sangat. ha ha. So yea, for the record, there's no more EBM when Shariq's 18mth old, but the direct feeding will go on as long as Allah permits. Next baby, mummy will strive harder okay? InsyaAllah.

We've been trying to go somewhere (not abroad) for a quick getaway. Ya know, stay at a good hotel, pool time whilst eating good food. That sorta thing, but the haze is yet to go away, so we're second-guessing our decision - must not expose the kids to the unhealthy outdoor, so how la?

I'm trying to lose weight. There I said it. I think ever since I've stopped pumping, the weight spiked up a little, so yea, in the spirit of maintaining the weight that I've lost effortlessly , thanks to child-birth and breastfeeding, mari lah hmppp...try to eat clean for a bit.

I'm back to my milk + bird food(read:cereal, the less processed the better) or salad with homemade dressing or anything-healthy-that-I-can-grab-from-home breakfast routine.

Last weekend, whilst the kids were asleep, I almost died of boredom (C*** was away on a work trip on Sunday - which explains the boredom) so I made myself a batch of pesto - mixture of walnut, almond, cashew, olive oil, garlic and thai basil. I skipped the cheese. The nuts combo are creamy enough for me to forgo the cheese. Lagipun kan nak ehem..kurus, we must cut off the calories whenever possible. This is my logic, I'm no Kevin Z@hri.

Back to the pesto, it tastes divine. I had it with pasta - seasoned with salt, pepper and dry chili flakes - topped with grilled chicken breast (which I dry-rub with black pepper, paprika and salt) for dinner. Mak memang suka jadi chef syok sendiri dekat rumah. My ig is flooded with #mycookingadventure photos. I'm not a great cook, but I hafta admit that cooking is pretty calming.

Whatever floats your boat lah kan?


I've been wanting to write for the longest time - but I've been so busy at work and more so at home that I couldn't muster enough kerajinan to write.

What's new with that?

Well, things are changing at work. What with umpteenth reorganization, recent MSS - some colleagues took up the offer and some just resigned - and when people come up to our place with the customary "You're still here?". You bet I am.

Honestly, I have no reason to leave. Sure, there's the inevitable management's favoritism over something - which I rather not mention. When you're the minority in the big team (minority is one thing, but being a female in the development team is another) - it's almost certain that fairness is rare - the truth is blinding. It's sickening at times - but I'm not oppressed in any way (not much anyway, even if I do, it's not like it's something that I cannot brush off), the money is good and I (still) love what I am doing.

Moving on, we got a new boss. A good one I hafta add, for now at least. Now that we hafta do the system support - besides the usual development work since all the support guys just quit and still pending on replacements - I'm just thankful for the hands on guy. I mean, he had no background whatsoever in JAVA but gigih nak tolong debug. Such a fast learner too, sat je dah pandai. ha ha. Now, this is the type of person that we should look up too, not those yang simply sit on their hands doing nothing.

I hope that he'll be as good in rewarding us too. :P

Owh, I accidentally deleted my Camera folder in my phone, shit happens - so yea, I lost most of the photos that were taken few months ago (including those from the Tokyo trip, nasib la banyak gambaq in our digicam, so takde lah meroyan sangat) - as I only managed to recover some of it. Tak sempat nak grab some of it for our photobook. Yea, procrastinate sangat kan, ambik ubat. I should probably need to setup the dropbox to auto-sync from now on.

The kids are doing great. Myra is doing awesome at school and Shariq is getting pretty expressive. Like yea, my 18 mth old can actually look and sound angry tho he's yet to talk - tho he knows how to say;

d (for daddy),
maow (for cat),
champs(Myra's vitamin of all thing),
nene (hmpp..his source of milk, ha ha),

I should get it immortalized on video later. Owh he's currently in an active teething phase, 4 molars are peeking out (to add up to the 6 existing gigi), all at the same time! No wonder he gets pretty moody these days, it must have hurt.

Talks about kids, I just need to rant on how hard it is to get Shariq to eat. Yea, this too shall pass, tapi dok tunggu nak pass tu, sakit jiwa okay?

He's not into pasta unlike Myra at this age.

Those days, I could just whip up pasta-anything and she'd be happy. This little man however, prefer his rice but the moment that he feels like something is off during his first meal of the day, terus satu hari tu susah nak makan. I cannot be too adventurous due to his limited amount of gigi - tho some people might go "so yea, puree it".

Well, I hate to admit this, but some food is pretty yucky when it's pureed and I've stop pureeing for a while now. I just slow cook his rice, veges, meat so that it could be easily mashed up whilst feeding him. I even made a batch of chicken stock - that I freeze up in tiny food storage cups to cook his rice with. Haih, things that I'll do for the little one.

On a lighter note, the kids love fruits so I've been giving em exactly that for snacks. Papaya, apple, black seedless grapes (Shariq's favourite,when he asks for buah = black grapes. he he), honey dew (Myra's favourite) and rock melon (Myra's favourite too) and oranges.

On another lighter note, I turned 31 few weeks ago, on September 16. We went out for the high tea buffet at the Doubletree to celebrate. We ate a lot. The kids? Myra had fun stuffing her face with fruits, desserts and ice cream. Shariq had fun eating (read:smashing - as I already fed him his homemade food that I brought along with us) the papadom (from the Indian food section) into pieces and yea, let me tell you how terrified I am the moment I realized what he's been doing - penuh bersepah papadom bawah meja.  *cue a mother trying to restyle her shawl into a purdah*

My bad, I was in my semi-selfish mood that I didn't bother much bout what he was doing as long as he didn't act up. It's not often that I get to eat in peace ya know? I was enjoying the roasted duck you see? Tender tender roasted duck with owh-so-crispy skin.

To console ourselves, the other half went "Nevermind, this justify the price that we paid for. Dah include tu dalam service charges" *cough cough* ayat cover rasa bersalah *cough cough*

 So yea, will write more later. Tata.

of.raya update.&.me.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Raya kan sebulan? :P

Okay, this is probably quite basi already, but I'm going to write a bit on my Raya anyway.

Well, we had a long break for raya,took 5 days of annual leaves out of the 12 days break - which was sooo good, we even managed to nudge the festive traffic, our trip from KL -> Malacca(15th) -> Kedah(19th) -> KL(24th) was pretty much hassle free. We even managed to have a quick pitstop in Ipoh for Nasi Ganja. Nasi Ganja is awesome after all those raya food.

Raya in Malacca is okay. Nothing beats raya in your own kampung, but since other half's kampung is my kampung too (since the past 5 years at least) - so okay jugak lah - tho you know, I sorta missed the usual fares back home - the ketupat palas, Tok's version of kuah kacang - it comes with tonnes of beef, mom's nasi daging and whatever not.

We went to the usual houses for raya, even went back to Rembau (FIL's hometown) on the 2nd day - tho we didn't get to see much of the rumah kampung, since it is well..sorta abandoned (long story), so we went to visit the nearby relatives instead. Had a field time picking rambutan. Fat yellow juicy rambutan.

Once we're back in Kedah. Mom made her yummy nasi daging on the day that we arrived, so yea, tho we got there sometime before 10PM, nasi daging at 10PM lah jawabnya. Diet what?

The next day we went back to visit Tok, glad to see her looking well (she was dehydrated due to puasa and was not eating well days before).

So yea, at Tok's place - instead of ketupat palas and rendang, we had ketupat palas with durian instead - which was awesome. Probably the next best combo after ketupat and susu pekat. I'm weird like that. :P

The day after we went for the usual rounds - the must visit every year houses- got updated on the current news and whatnot. Had another round of rambutan picking at an aunt's place.

The rest of our stay in Kedah revolved around spending time with the family and eating good food and making good food - and mom would be asking me what to eat every single day. Terasa disayangi sungguh.

Even drove mum to the fresh market and hyper market to stock up on food. I feel so grown up tho mum even wanted to pay for the groceries, like gosh mum, I'm 30 (going 31), let me pay with my plastic money okay? he he. :P

Yea, unlike my dad, I'm not the one who likes to bring around tonnes of cash. More often then not, I'd resort to the plastic money - tho when it comes to plastic money you hafta be careful to spend wisely - kot tak the next day after the paycheque came in, kena makan roti or megi - you get the drift :P

Back to work in full swing due to the on going UAT and some pending production issues and another round of graveyard shift - accompanied by C*** obviously - told him that I'd drive myself to work, but he's not having any of that. So yea, when we're done with the deployment at 2am, I even made him drive us to the uptown.  

Saja nak feeling-feeling muda mudi. We ended up strolling around, bored(we're probably too old for this) and pretty upset - because we bumped into parents with wee kids (those that are still in swaddle and all), like wth are you doing here with little kids at this hour? Balik rumah boleh?

We're not parents contoh by all means, but c'mon, this is no place for kids. People smoking, vaping, the loud crowds. Tak rugi apa pon kalau tak pi situ - that's how my mum would put it. When Myra was born, we even stopped going to the mamak for our weekend roti canai breakfast and all those super crowded places during the first year. Tunggu la anak besaq sikit kan?

Okay lah, enough ranting. Later.

of.son's milestones.&.me.

I should probably stop procrastinating and start writing about Shariq's milestones.

My little one is already 16 month old. Yup, the wee one yang sangat suka makan albeit the 6 little gigi - yup, no addition to the existing ones so far. He'd like to sample everyone's food. If we're eating out, the moment the food was put on the table, he'd go "Nak nak!". Same goes if I just whipped up a plate of egg fried rice for Myra, he'd be the first one to come over to me for food. Semangat sangat anak mak. He totally inherited our love for food this one.

He understands us pretty well these day. He can take simple instructions, like suruh pickup the toys and put em back into the box, or put his dirty pjs in the laundry basket. When you say "Shariq, mummy nak kiss!", he'll come over and offer his cheek to be kissed.

He can fetch stuff too. Sometimes when he's being cheeky, masa orang lain tengah kusyuk tengok tv, he'd gingerly walk over to the tv and turn it off.


Taktau la tu saja nak menyakat ke dengki? Tsk tsk. Tho if you ask him to turn it on again, he'd do it pretty gladly, like it's some sort of game or something. he he.

It also gets pretty easy to understand him now. Whenever he wants something, he'll point at it saying "Nak nak", and if you picked up the wrong thing, he'll shake his head no.

When it's about bedtime, kalau tanya, "Shariq you wanna sleep?", if he feels like it, he'll quickly grab your hand and drag you to the bedroom else buat dunno jer. ha ha.

Well, Shariq is still an early riser - even during the weekend. :P

So yea, whenever I try to sleep in for a bit during the weekend and when he finds it hard to wake me up (as I'll pretend to be asleep even if I'm awake, just because it feels good just to stay in bed sometimes), he'll just get down from the bed himself, open the bedroom's door and play the toys by himself or with Myra if she's awake - tho obviously I'd get pretty restless knowing that my kids are up and doing God knows what outside, so not long after, mak dia pon kena lah bangun to check on the kids.

Just like his sister, the son of mine loves going out. When the weekend comes - tho not like he knows the different - but I guess he knows that on a day that both the parents and his sister are still around when he wakes up, and when Myra is nicely dressed in her going-out clothes and not her playschool uniform, mesti lah hari untuk berjalan-jalan sudah tiba. So much so that he'd put on his little sneakers - yup, he knows how to put em on - hari-hari berlatih pakai kasut kat rumah. Effort yang sungguh amazing di situ.

He still loves to ransack his little wardrobe and the kitchen cabinet. Taking out everything insight and putting them back when being asked to. He particularly loves my 'food pantry' cabinet. He'd play with sugar and flour jar, the canned food - taking them out to the living hall, rolling em on the floor. Sampai ada yang kemek-kemek - tho I don't bother the kemek bit, mak selalu risau the canned food terjatuh atas his little toes je. Haih. The careless mind of a lil one kan? Mana dia nak pikiaq semua tu.

He's still a breastfeed baby, tho I've supplemented him with FM whenever needed since a month or so ago (heart-breaking but it's only fortunate that he's fine with the one that Myra's currently consuming). I underestimated his demand so my stash depleted pretty quickly and I just couldn't cope - what with work and all that - so yeah, I'm still pumping to provide him as much BM as possible and at this age, he knows how to ask to be nursed too. He'd come to me, pats me on the chest and goes "Naakkkk".with his cheeky smile and all.

Can't you not be so obvious son?

So yea, here's a photo of him, looking all grown up. Jangan besaq cepat sangat boleh? (Nanti people gonna start asking me when the next is coming. :P)

Not too soon people, not too soon.

of.being busy.&.me.

It has been pretty busy at work. Busy is such an easy word. Stressed out is more like it.

Had a system deployment and database migration on Saturday at 1PM (it started way earlier, my slot was at 1PM). Supposed to be done in 3 hours or so, but I ended up leaving office for home at 10.30PM - and all I had for berbuka was a cream bun and chocolate milk.

Like there goes my Saturday, my precious, eagerly awaited weekend. I was planning to cook something for C*** for berbuka since he'll be away for another work trip. Sob. Tinggal impian. The eldest even waited for me when I got home when the clock was about to strike 11PM and asked "Mummy, why work lama sangat?". Tsk tsk. Mom's guilt. Just can't run away from it.

Come Monday, there's some login issue for the IB staff since some of the applications just migrated to LDAP authentication, so yea, I ended up going back home at 6.30PM after deploying some codes to the UAT (tho we could leave by 5PM during Ramadan and I had to text the playskool to tell em that I'll be late to pick up the lil one), only to get back to the office again right after Subuh this morning for an emergency deployment - yeah, I've been informed about the confirmed deployment time at 10PM. Such joy.

So yea, if you were to ask me how am I feeling right now. I'm tired but everything went well (so far) so yea, Alhamdulillah for that.

After all, this is what I do to put the food on the table right? Tho not literally - since we'd still have food on the table thanks to C***. :P

Mine is more like a safety net, so that we'd get to live worry free. :)

Big or small. Everyone has their own battle, this is mine, yes?


Well, I met the other half sometime 12 years ago (when I still had teen to my age) , and we've been married for (almost) 5.  5 blissful years, that included the normal ups and downs.

Anyway, few days more to go before the anniversary, so yea, since it gonna fall in the middle of fasting month, no lunch date as usual. Probably postpone sampai lepas raya - tho I already got my anniversary gift. I made him got me some Mantraband. They are reasonably cheap, see? I'm so easy to please.

Moving on, we made a big batch if karipap daging and epok-epok sayur the previous weekend - to stock up for puasa - ya know, when you feel like eating kuih but you couldn't be bothered to go and buy any or tak sempat to make any - hence the home made frozen kuih.

Yea, for the karipap daging (which is my favourite), I made everything moi-self, from the pastry to the beef filling (don't ask me for the recipe, I'm never the one to measure my ingredients) - tho C*** helped 'putting them together' part.

MIL took over when it comes to epok-epok sayur, I never knew such thing existed until few years ago - when I married C*** obviously. She even made a fresh batch of homemade chili sauce to go with the epok-epok. We had fun, that sounds so wrong but yea, we had fun. :)

Went to a uni friend's daughter's akikah on Saturday.  Met some of the former housemates there. It was fun. The last time we met was ages ago. It's great to be able to laugh at ourselves again or should I say that they had fun laughing at me?


I felt like I'm 18 again. We surely had loads of fun when we lived together eons ago. Good old days eh?

of.alive and kicking.&.me.

Yes, still alive and kicking here.

Pretty swamped with work in the office - never-ending since the day I got back from our long-awaited trip - now that I'm done with the documentations, scripts and whatnot for the upcoming deployment, baru boleh bernafas sikit.

Like yea, I only had a day to cool off from the trip sebab just a day after I got back, busy kerja macam orang gila. Berdedikasi sangat mak. *flips tudung*

Shall (briefly) write about our trip later. Yea, we went back balik kampung, to C***'s 2nd kampung - the land of rising sun. I've been wanting to go there since forever. Honeymoon tak sempat since we were pregnant immediately after the wedding, so yea, lepas tu we couldn't travel with a baby so we only ended up with a bunch of local trips and a couple of overseas trips before I got knocked up again and we had to go through the whole cycle again.

I digress.

Anyway, the week-long trip was a fun one (albeit the not-so-fortunate event when we got back, will write bout it later). We walked a lot (like few kilometers daily) - I reckon it's C***'s way to slim me up for EID. Owh thanks hon.

I should be thankful that we got back with my knees intact. Rasa macam dah bersenam untuk setahun. :P

The kids were cooperative during the trip, no excessive tantrums and whatnot so we're pretty sane throughout tho adelah sesi merajuk 2-3 minit in between but nothing severe dan tiada aksi meroyan mak bapak banyak anak (2 is plural so banyak la kan?).

Thanks for making my life easier sweethearts - else you know that your daddy won't take us anywhere for the next 10 years or until both of you are over 20. :P

So yea, I hope we'd be able to travel again soon. Now that we know that it ain't that hard to travel with kids, so let's.

of.train ride.&.me.

We took the kids out jalan-jalan on Sunday since we decided to stay put on Saturday as C*** just got back from a work trip, bagi dia relax sat. 

To make it more interesting, we decided to hop on a train to KLCC. We parked our car at the Setiawangsa station since it's the nearest to our place. Myra was pretty excited, she surely appreciates those kinda stuff better these days.

So yea, I was on a mission last weekend. I reckoned that I could do with a new pair of jeans for the upcoming trip. I'm not a pants-person and if you were to rummage through my wardrobe, you probably gonna find only 5 of em, a ratio of 1:5, 1 pant for every 5 pairs of skirt - and that includes those pants of my pjs. he he.

Anyway, couldn't find anything interesting in H&M and Levis, so my last stop was M&S, when I picked a few of my size, the SA nearby went

"Maybe you should take this instead of the Medium miss",

whilst pointing to another pant of my size but in Short. Kau saja jer tanak sebut short kan?

Hmpp..like yea, thanks for pointing that out. Thank you very much.

If you're wondering, yea, I ended up with a pant of my size in Short. Oh my, I am indeed short, well since I don't do high heels, no use of going for Medium pon. *cough* tak mengaku pendek *cough*

Moving on.

I have tonnes of stuff to do this upcoming weekend. I need to stock up on some stuff for the upcoming trip - most of em are food for the kids. I also need to start packing as I'll be packing for 3 this time around tho I'm yet to ask C*** whether he wanna do the packing for me. He's a much better packer than I am, so yeah, we'll see how lah.


I've been wanting to write, but I've been pretty overwhelmed at work and at home. So yeah, we spent the long weekend back in Kedah, everything was great except for the long drive thanks to the horrendous balik-kampung traffic.

I think we should have a balik kampung schedule or something, our highway just can't cope with the traffic anymore, no matter if we multiples the lanes by four, let's not talk about the RNR - the endless queue - nah, I'm not talking about the queue at the loo, queue nak drive into the RnR pon dah jem berbatu-batu. 

Your luck just ran out if you desperately need to wee wee, like yea, good luck with that - you'll fare better if you can pee in a bottle or something - not like I did, just saying. :P

So yea, Myra turned 4. Had a mini celebration at school. The cake was awesome. A pink-purple My Little Pony chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, like yea, I was expecting something regular, ya know, chocolate cake and err..butter cream (that's how oblivious I am, I asked for chocolate cake and specified the color of the frosting, not the type of the frosting) - so when we were given a huge slice of cake to be taken back home (so nice of the teacher to ask whether I wanted to have a bit of it or not, else mak tak merasa lah cake birthday), I was pretty blown away.

C*** thinks so too, no fake-butter taste and cheap chocolate after-taste whatsoever - so I was not being delirious or something. The baker is nice too, absolutely worth every penny. So yea, I absolutely know where to get em cakes next time. :)

We already booked an apartment for our getaway, it helps that the place that we're going is like C***'s 2nd kampung, else we wouldn't be able to grab such a place. Like yea sure, they have a website and everything, but it's in their native language, no English version whatsoever and even if you Google-translated it (yea,I tried even tho it's not like I have any use of it), the language is pretty hard to comprehend.

Well, another crucial part - we're yet to finalize the itinerary,  I hafta admit that it's pretty hard.

C*** simply went  

"List down everything you wanna do and places you wanna go, I'll take you there."

Like easy for you to say, sure I have tonnes of stuff to buy to see and places to go to, but that's me. C*** doesn't care much, as long as I'm happy (which is great, adakah project memikat hati bini? haha) but we're traveling with another friend (C***'s friend to be exact) and his family (they decided to tag along right after we bought our tickets) and they didn't even bother to chip in on this - which annoys me a little.

Honestly, I don't like to be the travel planner for  people that I don't know much of, like I've told C*** that I already have a list of stuff that I want to look for once we're there.

These people might not like the same thing as I do (they are somewhat older, the age gap probably gonna divide our interest), so if they let us know, boleh la we arrange something for them or whatnot - ni bukan macam pegi KLCC, this week pergi then lupa nak beli something, next weekend pegi lagi - we're not freaking billionaires. I want it to be meaningful for them as much as it's for me. Help me to help you la kan?

Ni bila tanya what they have on their mind, *crik crik* diam seribu bahasa.

Well, this trip supposed to be our family getaway but you wanna join in, okay, I don't mind that. The more the merrier eh? - tapi sila don't take us for granted. Like yea, you're so busy that you couldn't be bothered to do anything and expect me (yang mungkin depa rasa pegi office dok goyang kaki) to do all the research - where to go, when, how much to pay for the tickets etc.

C*** already did his part as he had to sort out the accommodations and flight tickets (yea, we even booked the tickets for them, tak biasa katanya *cough*) 

Like yea, we're running a freaking travel agency now - but for free. ha ha. 

I don't wanna be bitter about this as we'd be spending times together, tapi I just hafta say this, I'm a wee bit annoyed with people that couldn't be bothered to show some interest and effort. Dah namanya pon self-planned trip, mari lah sort things out together, else you are probably better off traveling with an agency - so that someone else gonna have you sorted out from A to Z, just bagi duit jer.

Owh dah terlajak jadi whiny, here's a bit more - bear with me.

There's this once place that I really really wanted to go when we're there because I'm such a hugeeee fan, but sadly, my luck ran out, because the tickets for this particular place adelah sudah sold out on our intended date - we could try to squeeze it in somewhere, tapi I rather not tire the kids. Like yea, killjoy sungguh. Sob. Probably a good excuse for a second trip sometime in the future. :P

How's that for an update? he he.


of.random Monday.&.me.

Shariq turned 13 mth old 2 days ago and when I thought that he'll grow out of the baby koala phase when he's at this age, nampaknya tidak.

He just wouldn't leave me alone when I'm around, so much so that C*** or MIL hafta pry him off me. Yea, it's that bad.

He's been such a good eater for the past week (3 full serving of meal + 5 bottles of EBM whilst I was at work), but came Saturday, he was down with a mild fever and refused to eat much. Yea, mom's world problem over here = kids not eating = much worse than planning for a world domination.

On a lighter note, I have to reconfirm my order for Myra's birthday cake by this week, to finalize on the color and whatnot. I still need to hunt for the raisins in those tiny boxes for her party pack. Also need to finalized the design for the custom stickers. It has been ages since the last time I did any editing work, demi anak ku gagahkan jua, tho I hafta admit that I'm not much a designer to begin with.

Anyway, I'm still in the middle of arranging our itinerary for our week-long getaway. Tho we just gonna stick to one particular city, still lah rasa macam so little time so much to do - since we're traveling with kids, so I think it's wise not to tire them up so much. We hafta put a limit to our activities, kot bujangan boleh la keluar pagi balik malam, with kids, more like keluar pagi and balik before they get too cranky. :P

C*** on the other hand, is still hunting for our accommodation (which doesn't come cheap *lap peluh* ) as I'd prefer for us to rent an apartment - so that I can whip up easy meals for the kids. Jalan-jalan bawak bekal so that I'd be able to stuff them up whenever they are hungry. It would be so much easier on my conscience too, knowing that my kids are not being neglected just because the parents are too eager to travel. he he. Mak bapak dia macam-macam boleh makan, so I don't worry much about us.

Moving on, sometimes last week, during one of the phone calls, I told my mum on how Myra has been wanting to own a play-doh set. Sure, it's not really a grand request, but Shariq is just one and he's not really over the I-put-everything-in-my-mouth phase. Play-doh is the exact kinda toy that I'm trying to avoid - like seriously, play-doh looks pretty yummy to me, if I'm one, I'd probably eat it - I think that I used to have a go at it when I was a kid, I had like tonnes of play-doh set when I was younger, best okeh? Except when you accidentally mixed all the colors together and they turn ugly like shit. :P

So yea, few days after that, mum sent me a picture through whatsApp - a picture of a huge box of play-doh, coz ya know because she 'happened' to be at Parkson and 'accidentally' saw a good play-doh set. Right, as if she hangs out at the toy section often la kan? :P

Pbbff...grandparents, they spoil the kids rotten.

of.new ride.&.me.

MIL is back from her umrah on Monday, but Shariq is still at the daycare until the end of this week - so that MIL can chill for a bit to beat the jet lag and whatnot.

Planning to grab a box of brownies or japanese cream puff to be given to the nannies at the daycare, a token of appreciation or the sort, tho it's not like they are taking care of the baby for free (heck, the fees dah nak sama macam kakak tho it's just for 3 weeks, ad-hoc rate katanya *cough*), now I just need to find a baker to accept my last minute order. :P

Moving on, we had a pretty laid-back weekend. Went out on Saturday for ribs and jalan-jalan for a bit.

We even took out the new stroller for a spin, the kids love it. Now both of them can comfortably sit and stroll but we hafta let Myra sit on the upper seat else her legs gonna dangle awkwardly if she was to be seated on the lower seat. We can't really have a fixed seating arrangement as we might have to switch if the baby nak tidoq because the lower seat couldn't be reclined much compared to the upper seat. The hood is hugee, so much so that we took it off during our stroll in the mall, macam serabut la pulak. ha ha. Tapi when we travel later, kena lah angkut. 

Owh, the stroller comes with a neck support pillow, a cup holder, a matching diaper bag and a rain cover. The storage basket underneath is of a decent size, boleh la nak sumbat apa-apa yang patut.

The stroller is pretty awesome. It's as small as our single stroller but just a bit longer when folded (dan tak muat kalau nak letak dalam my compact car or C***'s small car, so it got a permanent place in our MPV instead). Maneuverability wise is pretty decent, the handles are at a good height for both of us tho it's not adjustable.

Sure it's a wee bit heavier than what we're used to, but it's a double stroller so it's somewhat expected. It's an umbrella fold too, tho the folding and unfolding need a bit of getting used to. If dulu can fold with one hand and a kaki, now kena lah use both hand and a kaki and fasten the straps to lock em in place and whatnot - we even bought an extra strap to further tighten the fold. Dulu less than a minute, now probably 4 minutes. ha ha. Well, it's C***'s job, so yea, have fun hon.

On a lighter note, when we got the stroller, we noticed that the front wheel is a wee bit wobbly. It's probably not a big deal, but knowing that we're buying this stroller for our next trip and we couldn't afford the risk of the wheels tercabut or malfunction in any way as we'll be walking a lot, we contacted the seller and even sent her a video of the said wheel. The feedback was pretty quick, we'll be getting a replacement front wheel coming our way soon, so yey! Brownies point disitu!

Owh, I forgot to mention which stroller that we bought. Didn't I? he he. We got our hands on this Merricart tandem stroller at a good price - ours is the black frame in red polka dot (pasrah je C***). ha ha. We decided to grab it from a local seller, instead of jadi kiasu and tunggu dah sampai our destination baru beli stroller sebab nak brand lagi best dan lagi murah - like what I mentioned in my previous post. I mean, kalau sampai sana baru nak beli stroller, jenuh la nak heret budak berdua sans stroller - what with the luggage and all, and there's no guarantee that the stroller is readily available in the store, buatnya takde?  So yeah, out with the kiasu-ness, in with the practicality.

So yea, there goes my quick review, will post up a photo in my ig when I feel like it. ;)

Well, later.

of.too fast for my liking.&.me.

Kids, they grow up, so fast. Too fast for my liking sometimes.

Shariq, at 1 year old. Is calling almost everyone in the house mama. ha ha. Tho the most amusing thing about this is, when he wakes up in the middle of the night for nursing, instead of crying, he'll try to reach out for me from his cot whilst panggil " Maaa..maaaa". I guess that's baby's language for "I'm hungry now mom. Please wake up and feed me".

He also knows how to ask for something by pointing to the object of his desires - and if you picked up the wrong item, he'll shake his head. You can even ask him a simple yes or no question and tho he doesn't nod in approval, he'd surely geleng if he disagrees. Kids these days ey? Bak kata my MIL, budak baru menetas dah pandai macam-macam. :P

This little boy of mine is pretty clever too (don't mind me, mothers think that their kids are genius), the other day, when I was about to give him a bath, I stripped him off his clothes and suddenly he went running into the room, I called out for him, but no respond and when I was about to look after him, he came back with his pjs that he took from his little closet. Amazeballs sangat. Tak lama lagi dah bleh tolong fetch barang ni.

He's doing great in getting down from the bed. Few times that I left him to sleep on our bed and went out to the kitchen to sort on things, the next thing you know, dia dah terkedek-kedek jalan out of the bedroom as if nothing happen. Like yea, don't mind me mom, I just got up and now nak jalan pi main toys sat. The first time it happened I was dumbstruck, like how on earth did you manage to get down? Our bed is pretty high compared to the normal standard. Normally, he'd cry out for me whenever he's awake and nobody's around, ni senyap-senyap dah turun sendiri. Amazing but scary if you ask me.

Owh, I missed out on the he-finally-walks-now update, yea, he started his first few steps probably a week before his first birthday. These days, he doesn't walk anymore, he runs. Not sprinting run, but run all the same. Kita tengok pulak takot that he'll fall flat on his face or something.

He's a good eater this days, bagi lah makan apa pon, habis - tho he's not as chubby as he used to be - but as long as I know that he's eating well. Good enough for me.

Owh, he's now a toddler with 6 little gigi, no sign of others coming out yet.

He's done with his pneumococcal shots which is great.

Moving on.

What's new with Myra? She's as talkactive as ever. She's good in asking for things. She made us bought her a kid's size apron. She'll negotiate her way into getting her little hands on my depleting stock of matcha kitkats.

She'll go

"Mummy, all friends kakak dah pegi Legoland, Myra jer not yet"
"Yer ke? Saper dah pegi?"
"Sofea dengan adik."
"Two jer? Kata all"


Exaggerate sangat kau nak, nanti la kita pi Disneyland, Legoland hafta wait for a bit, sekarang ni panas sangat, nanti mak emosi sebab as much as I like to jalan-jalan, I don't do jalan-jalan tengah panas (don't mind me, I'm not much of an outdoor person to begin with). Legoland is panas (or so I heard. he he).

Yea, besides that, dah pandai jugak ajak duduk hotel.


Kids these days, but I guess it's a normal phase. I love hotels when I was younger too, I still do now. Hotels = good food + unlimited pool time.

My dad used to travel a lot for work, so whenever possible, we tagged along. Even when he's not working pon, he loves to splurge on good hotels. There was a time when we'd stay in a hotel on weekend like twice in a month, walaupon setakat duduk kat Shangri-la Penang tho rumah just dekat Kedah which is like sekangkang kera away.

The good old days. :)

Ni update pasal mak ke anak? I digress.

She's a pretty good eater too these days, tho you hafta make sure that it suits her taste buds, kalau rasa tak ngam, terus pangkah, pedas la, apa la - padahal setitik cili pon tak letak. Kalau sedap to her tongue, she'd ask for a second, sometimes a third - which is quite amusing since she's still owh-so-skinny. hi hi.

Well, I was skinny too when I was at her age, so yeah, sekarang tidak lagi. :P

Gonna get our new stroller today, great - you know you're such a makcik when buying a stroller makes ya happy.

Owh well?

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