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Still alive and kicking, so yeah, it's just that reality (kids, the other half, work etc) got in the way, hence the almost non-existent blogging life.

Well,one of my uncles passed away few weeks back, it's pretty shocking I hafta admit,tho we're not close - I was getting ready for work when I got the news, so texted C*** who was already on his way to work and we decided to go back to Kedah. It's sad to see his kids and wives being so heart-broken and all.

So yea, life is tough sometimes. Honestly, this is not the life that I envisioned it to be. In all honesty, I was hoping that once both of my parents retired from work (2 years ago), we'll be able to travel together, peform Umrah or whatnot. I'd like to treat them with a good relaxing family trip - now that I have the fund to do so, yer lah, early working days mana la cukup duit dalam tabung, tho it's not like the parents need my moolah.

Well, traveling was pretty tricky for my parents back then - or should I say, my mom? My mum adelah seorang teacher and tho she got her break during school holidays, but selalu lah our time clashed so we didn't get to travel together much - except for those occasional weekend getaways. Dad adelah a former jet-setter, he traveled a lot for works, local and abroad, so yea.

Now I don't know if that's even possible anymore - still possible kot but it gonna be quite tricky. Dad tires easily, so it's obvious that we can't do any long-distance trip - tho I'm eternally thankful that he's still around regardless the fact that he's no longer the dad that I knew for the past 30 years - as he no longer talk (before his stroke, he could talk our ears off).

I sorta miss talking to him over the phone or our usual video-call. Those days, he'd just video-call us, then we would be talking whilst him on the other side - siap dok tengok news on tv and makan kacang - as if we're in the same room as him.

You never know what you'll be missing until it's gone kan? I know I shouldn't complaint - this is our cobaan- as we're still blessed with abundance of rezeki in other form.

Moving on, enough of sob stories.

We're going for another family getaway in March. Prolly the last one before our big project kick-off. So I've been scouting for a new stroller. Yea, each time nak berjalan beli stroller, but it's not going to be a double-stroller this time. I'm just gonna stick with a (very) lightweight stroller. Probably a Mclaren Volo or Globtrotter - depending on my fickle-mind. Owh, probably gonna get a buggy-board too, tengok la macam mana. Lascal looks pretty good but I'm not sure how practical it is for our trip, so KIV dulu.

C*** was against my idea of getting a new stroller at first, tapi for the past few weeks, each time we go out during the weekend, Shariq mesti la nak sleep sambil kena dukung dek daddynya (tho kalau kat rumah, he rarely sleep, best kot tidoq kena peluk) and the little one is no longer that small, so daddy dia sakit pinggang, lantas daddy pon bersetuju untuk cari stroller baru. lol.

Initially, the other half was so sure that he could just carry the lil one whenever he gets tired of walking. Me? Dukung the kid? Ain't nobody got time for that, mak nak shopping. I need both of my hands and I don't wanna get a bad back from all the carrying. Cukup la mak carry 9 months dulu. :P

It's not like we can't use our old trusted Peg Perego, tapi sayang. It's our first stroller, I can't bear the thought - if something were to happen to it during the flight (owh, mak lupa nak cerita that during our trip back from Tokyo, AirA actually broke our double stroller, tapi lepas tangan.Phbtttt.....luckily we got a replacement from the seller.)

I still need to finalize the car rental stuff and also the visa (saya adelah the trip-planner, C*** decided that it's my turn). The apartments all sorted out. We decided to find a place that's well equipped so that I can cook for breakfast/dinner or at least something simple for the kids. Mak bapak dia don't bother much bout food when traveling (tho I've made a list of what I wanna eat when we're there) tapi anak-anak hafta eat on time.

I can't wait to roam Kmart, Coles, Woolworths and whatnot for groceries, I loveeee groceries shopping abroad. I'm so makcik like that.

Okay, tak sabaq nak travel. Ta ta.


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