of.numero dos.update#4.&.me.

37 weeks & 5 days to date.

Nope, no baby yet and honestly, I'm hoping for him to stay in the safety of moi womb until Myra recovers from her bout of HFMD - which she got from..hmpp..school?

Yea, it was measles few weeks back and now it's the dreaded HFMD - which worsen the little one's level of clinginess - no thanks to the rashes and mouth ulcers. T_T

Talks about cobaan eh?

Besides the fact that I still have to painfully drive (and waddles) to work and the endless night trips to the loo, we're doing fine. I can still work on the house chores (minus the laundry folding obviously) and the cooking.

The next checkup is coming within 2 days and I hope that everything is dandy inside tho I'm feeling pretty miserable outside. Well, nevermind me, I'll live. InsyaAllah.

Anyway, been having the braxton hicks every now and then these days, it could get pretty intense at times and whilst it didn't hurt, it's pretty unnerving (mak takot nak). There's also this weird feeling like someone is scratching you from the inside - which despite the fact that it's my 2nd pregnancy is an odd sensation.

On a lighter note, I've managed to pack the hospital bags for us last week.

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

Or maybe not.

 Allahumma yassir wa laa tu`asir


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