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Yup, counting the days since I'm no longer crazy.

of.morning drama.&.me.

We had one of those separation-anxiety drama again this morning.

Well, she's fine with the idea of going to school and whatnot. She even sang the songs that she learned at the playschool during our ride back home. My guts (my motherly instinct, whatever you call it) is telling me that it's not like she's being bullied at school or something along that line.

It's just that she detest the idea of being left behind - when we got to the school she eagerly took of her shoes, put em on the shoe rack and insisted for me to follow her in. She even showed me the toys, the book that they read the day before, she even went "Roosters go coookoo kokkkkokk ", but the moment I went "Myra school, mummy work okay?", all hell broke loose.

Like, what do you expect? My toddler has been staying at home, the safe and warm homely cocoon since she was born. As much as she loves socializing with the other kids, I think being left behind is somewhat intimidating for her.

Leaving her for work, with tears streaming down her face is painful tho I've been told countless of times that it was short-lived - the tears I mean. It's not like she spends the entire day crying - like what a kiasu mum like me would have thought.

I hope everything gonna be better once we start to send her over regularly - these days, she's only there twice/week.

Honestly, it's hard not to feel the guilt, tho for what, I can't really say. At some level, I think every parent wishes they could smooth out the way for their children, be it big or small. It sucks to watch them struggle.

 Allahumma yassir wa laa tu`asir


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